June 20, 2007

New product line Quilt Clamp(tm)

This is a new product line for Happy House Quilts but keeping with the pracical and fashionable nature of the shop, I just had to share!
I love these and they are the first of many. I struggled with whether to paint them too but figured they work fine and it's all about the embellishment so feedback and comments are welcome.


  1. You are so creative...Great Job!!! I love these :)

  2. Jodi, they are fabulous! I can just envision my "Honey Do" list hanging from one on the fridge!

  3. These are WAY cool! I use boring XOXO clamps on my fridge and they're all full! Love the idea :)

  4. Cute, Cute. Your blog is great! And I love the picture of you and your children (or have I commented on that before? ) ... but still ture!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog and giving me the tips about stylehive. I have a question - I tried to sign up but they do not allow the @(at) sign in ones e-mail - what do you use examply mommyandme@skyix.com

    Also, I tried to vote for you on the loo children list but did not see where to vote. What am I overlooking on both of these sitesl

    Thanks for the help. Coroline