June 20, 2007

WFMW -Baking Soda

Ok, this is my first try at this so I hope I am doing it right?
This is my super duper WFMW tip. I don't burn things often but when i do it's usually because i'm off sewing or crafting for HappyHouseQuilts and JUST need One More Minute of time which turns into 30...so pasta burned on the bottom of the pan is yucky but who has time to scrub?...who has the money to throw it away and buy a new one?
Oh the best is chili...burned on hard to the bottom of the Le Cruset pot...ugh!
Well my soloution that I learned years ago and have since lost the source is to NOT soak it...but cook it! Yes, add about 2 inches of water and about 3 Tablespoonfuls of BAKING SODA and boil it...now DON'T go and leave this pot or you will have more mess to clean...the concoction can boil over quickly...so repent for your original mistake of being neglectful and stay close...slowly but surely the caked on, hard crusty food will chip and scrap away easily with out the need for a hammer and chisle! You may need to perform these steps several times depending on the thickness of the burned on food. GOOD LUCK!


  1. Too funny - my mom used to do this with spaghetti sauce - thanks for the reminder! Your Quilt Clamps are adorable, by the way!

  2. Yay for baking soda! I like to make a paste of it with dishsoap for the MANY times that I burn things :P

  3. That's what happens when I paint as well. I start off thinking it will only be a lil while...and then time goes by and it has been practically all day long! Anyhoo, wonderful post! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I had never heard of that! I will have to try that if the situation arises. I know what you mean though about, "Oh -- just *one* more minute." LOL