June 3, 2007

Rockerchick is my artist featured today

Who are you? I am Rockerchic, or Kristie, or Kricket for that matter!
What do you craft? I love sewing punk dresses for the little ones! I make fun jewelry for women, but the dresses are my passion!
Why do you do this? I think it's extremely important to teach children individuality from a young age. And I love seeing the lil'sprouts express themselves!
What do you love about your craft? Self Expression, for the ones who wear my items, buy my items, and myself. I make all my patterns, I match all my fabrics. My best items are usually just mistakes!
What is your favorite items to make? Why? Definately the clothing. I love pouring myself into something. And when I recieve that positive feedback, or see a pic of someone's beautiful child wearing my dresses... it makes it all worth while!
What makes you stand our from everyone else? Honestly, I haven't seen anyone with my particular items b/c like I said previously, I make all my patterns. So, if you buy a Rockerchic's Original... it is for sure, definately, an ORIGINAL!
Tell me something interesting about yourself... I wish I had a pet llama!

Where can I find you? (myspace, blogs, etc)

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/rockerchicsoriginals
Whats your etsy link?www.rockerchic.etsy.com

And she's an EtsyMom!!!

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