June 9, 2007

Hair Quilt (tm) Happiness! Another Happy Customer!

What a cutie pie! Not sure if she has momma's eyes or daddy's but they are gonna knock the boys out some day! The purple and aqua felt clippie Hair Quilt (tm) looks adorable! I guess that's all she needs *wink*.
Thanks to Whimzypinzy for letting me share this pic. Her shop is full of Yummy hand dyed and hand spun yarn! She's got a great blog too!
Check out more felt clip Hair Quilts (tm) at Happy House Quilts. A perfect suggestion for Fourth of July is the Red, White and Blue Star Design.


  1. It's so great to see a beautiful baby in one of your beautiful hair quilt clips.

  2. All 5 of us have blue eyes lol.
    so she gets it from both dh and I.
    the blond blonde blonde is from dh thu he was always that lite to...before it all fell out.
    thanks for the great hair accessories Jodi :)

  3. What a cutie!!!

    Great hair clip too! :)