April 29, 2007

what's next!

Kids fun

All things Kids can have fun with away from mind altering TV and video games.

See more of my Kids fun list at ThisNext.

April 27, 2007

LOVE this whole black and white trend!

This just listed today...I made 2 of these...one for me...one for you, but I can always make more, with fabric to spare!

I am addicted to wearing these slides!!! I need more colors!!! Black and white will go with 90% of my outfits!!! Plus as a mom of 3 I feel so trendy wearing this...I have to remind myself, I'm a mom, a wife and a WOMAN with some style!!!

Have a Happy day!

April 24, 2007

Coming soon to an etsy shop near you!!!

These are 2 extra special Coffee Quilts . One is called "For the Dog's Owner" and the other is for Breast Cancer Awareness. My girlfriend, Andrea, is doing the 3 day walk and this is in honor of her commitment and accomplishment. Here is her link for more information or to donate to the cause. http://www.the3day.org/boston07/andreaberumen

April 23, 2007

Seasonal Sampler - available now at Etsy shop, click on banner!

Withdrawal symptoms starting to dissipate!

Well, Etsy is back and running...although slow as molasses. Good to get back on track with creating and selling my art. But just when I thought it was going to be a great week, 80 degrees, sunshine, all 3 kids home and healthy, my hubby blew a tire on the interstate and has to be towed and get at least 2 new tires. That's what tax refunds are for right? Welcome to Monday!

Well more angst is just fuel to the creativity engine inside of me. Enjoy Spring and please visit my shop at Etsy, or leave your mark on the map below.

I accept custom orders...let's be creative together! Jodi

April 22, 2007

Map of who visits Happy House Quilts

Patriotic Clip...not just for hair!!!

What do you think of a clip that not only goes in your hair as a barrette or accenting a pony, but in your flip-flop, tank-top strap, purse strap, dog collar...the list is endless!!!

April 20, 2007

Feeling creative...new slides, art clips and more felt clippies!!!

Preparing for the fall craft fair season and doing some custom orders for etsians. Enjoy the pics and please feel free to leave a comment!!!

April 16, 2007

Successful Quilted Slide!

Wore it all day and it stayed snug!!! Hooray, it's a success! Now to seal the wood...then list!!! Gosh, I've got to price it...so hard to do!
Comments are welcome! Sizes 4" (small) 4.5" see pic...will still work on a lager 5" or 5.5" to be able to tuck the top part of hair into the quilt.

April 15, 2007

Much sewing today! Yippee!

* Comments welcome!!!*

Playing with new designs and making my own patterns...uuuugggghhh...it takes time but I don't have a ton of it...oh well here are some pics of new products in progress...will get a reality check on it all this week and try to work out the kinks...I have been wanting to make one of these "slides" forever!!! Total throwback to the 70's I know...but need to keep my hair back away from the baby and thought others might like to look stylish in a new way. Played with some fun stitches...sorry the pic is small...but it's all about FUNCTION then the FLAIR.
***Sippy Quilts have also been on the drawing board for a while but 2 out of 3 ain't bad...one is going to be a cover for a juice box...ripping out stitches was no longer an option. Well 4 slides and 3 sippy quilts later...Today was a good day!
PLEASE leave comments on these ideas...I need any feedback!!! Thanks for looking and reading!!!

This is me and my girls, hubby was taking the picture, right before Christmas '06.

April 14, 2007

The new banner is up and linked to Etsy!

Gosh, a huge thank you to Marc and Becky for helping me with my banner...I'm doing the Happy Dance as we speak despite being up since 3:30 a.m.
Also big thanks to all the supportive folks at Etsy Kids...you can check many of them out in my links section.
I am so excited about this new venture. Steady and slow and make a product that we can be proud of. Most of our items get tested on ourselves and our children so PRIDE is putting it mildly.
I spent much time today working on this blog and my Etsy store, linking to many new supportive designers and fellow Etsians...I think most of it is put in place and now I can focus on sewing and making new patterns...Listing new creations that welcome SPRING...do you hear that Mother Nature? Spring!!!
Spring IS really here despite the snow and sleet and wind...my new hair quilts will refect blossoms and butterflies and ladybugs...the buds on the trees are already showing. I am also thrilled to make some new designs for children that use some new butterfly and transportation fabric. It will soon be time to go to the park and play in the sand box and travel to the ocean and the lakes...ahhh I may need a new Coffee Quilt...one that might match my kids...mommy and me items are so much fun!!! Puppy and me are cute too...hmmm, so much to sew, so little time.
Have a Happy day and night! I need some rest for a big day tomorrow.

April 12, 2007

Etsy Sellers who blog #365

So there are 365 days in a year and I am #365 at Etsy Sellers who blog...hmmm...I'm going to be 40 this year....and this is the year that positive thoughts will stream out of my pours...
It's going to be a great year!!!
Sara thinks so too!

Sold!!! New quilt idea welcomed by public!!!

We are in the developement stages of this new quilt design- Soda Quilt, Pop Quilt, Can or Beer Quilt whichever you prefer...what else can we cover with pretty quilts? Stay tuned...more patterns are in the works!!!

April 11, 2007

How we got here...

Our evolution...
2 mommy friends who love to sew and stay at home with our children came upon an idea that we though was outrageous considering our 6 kids but worth a try. We love coffee and wanted to make our naked cups pretty...so out of need Coffee Quilts were born. I do the quilting and she does the serging. We got into a coffee shop in downtown Concord, NH and were ecstatic. Headache-Free Headbands with interchangeable clips became into reality when my first grader and my partner's kindergartener’s hair needed a makeover. The clips keep emerging as ideas pop into our heads. The blossoms came about because a friend's toddler was pulling petals off a silk flower and she was going to throw it away...isn't recycling cool?

The concept for pets goes hand in hand with the children’s line of Custom Boutique Hair Accessories however the clips have an added layer of felt or ribbon to protect the pet’s neck from rubbing against any metal parts. Daisy, my dog, loves to look pretty!!!

We hope you love our line of accessories as much as we do...more ideas are in development...inquiries are welcome!!! Custom orders are accepted on a case by case basis.

We are, of course, moms first and our passion for sewing comes in second all the time.

Worthy of a view is our mommy friend Craftykathi.etsy.com ~her recycled grocery bag tote bags are awesome!!!

Have a Happy Day! Come back real soon!

Spring has sprung!

These are inspired by the yellow crocus that are starting to bloom in my yard.

April 8, 2007

Gilford, NH Craftfair Dec 1, 2007

Well December 1st seems so long away but we will take advantage of this time to sew, sew, sew! We can't wait to interface with the public and let more folks know about Etsy and Happy House Quilts! We are working on more Hair accessories, coffee quilts, dog accessories, clips and collars as well as maybe phone quilts and pod quilts too...so exciting!!!

April 7, 2007

Spring/Summer 07 Felt collection

Feel like Spring? These blooms are as close as I can get after the snow storm. It's all about feeling pretty with our without the warm weather. Yes, I see that snowflake, but hey everything is made exclusively in NH and that's what you get...a little bit of snow in April!

April 4, 2007

Spring Snow

Well the calendar says April 4 but I look out the window and there are several inches of snow and a snowman staring at me. The snow just keeps on coming...I guess it's better than mud which is what this month is famous for here in NH. Mud season is the 5Th season of the year up here.

Today I went to Malden Mills outlet store in Lawrence, MA with a good friend and sewing enthusiast. Unfortunately it was my first and last trip as they are closing their doors. Got some great deals though which made me and my pocketbook happy. I came home and set right to the sewing/creativity corner of my house...a.k.a. my bed, and made a little posy out of some pretty pink and green polar fleece. I suppose it's sacrilegious to make such a trivial decoration out of such a functional piece of fabric but small works for me, I can make it and complete it before someone screams...MOM!!!

Today it was..."MOM...she is shoveling over my road"..."MOM...I can't find my mittens"...and the baby just has to sit and cry to let me know she is wanting my attention. what is a mom of 3 to do? I love creating things when the world is pulling me in all different directions. And selling something on Etsy is just the right pat on the back that I need.

So today I shipped 2 items that sold, one on Etsy and one to a friend that saw a picture on Etsy. It's a good thing that I shipped them early too with all the snow we are expected to get...maybe up to 10 inches.

Tomorrow has some promise of a snow day for my first grader but it may also bring friends over for a crafting group that meets every 2 weeks. I hope the snow is over and the roads are clean by the morning. I plan on making some long overdue cards for Easter and some early Mother's Day cards...maybe even some Father's Day and birthday cards too. Maybe I'll even make some extra and sell a collection on Etsy...who knows.

Life is good, the kids are healthy and happy and our bills are paid...Love Lives in this Happy House!!!

Blessings, Jodi

April 1, 2007

No foolin'!

Coffee Quilts, Hair Quilts, Ruff Quilts

Blogsite for One-of-a-kind, handmade boutique quality items. Made exclusively in New Hampshire by 2 crafty stay at home moms. Browse the gallery for all our products and check back often for updates. Our inventory grows daily! Thanks for visiting our home!

BUY NOW at www.HappyHouseQuilts.etsy.com

Upcoming shows:
Gilford Craft Fair

@ Gilford High School,

Gilford, NH

December 1, 2007

Introducing The Coffee Quilt!!!

The Coffee Quilt is designed for function and flair. Protect your hands and enjoy your coffee while maintaining your style. Suited only for the ecologically and fashion conscience soul.

Now For Sale at Capital Deli in Downtown Concord, NH!!!

Introducing Hair Quilts!!! Hair Quilts are designed for function and flair.Both children and adults love to tame their tresses and decorate their mane at the same time. Hair Quilts are made of 100% cotton fabric and cotton batting or wool/polyester blended felts. Various types and sizes of clips available.

Headache Free Headbands...REALLY! We have tested these on ourselves and our children!!! No slip, no headache, no kidding!!! Add a clip to the 3/4 inch HFHB and enjoy the compliments all day long. There is just nothing like this one the market that we have found!

Mommy and Me Hair Quilts available upon request. Tiny 1/2 inch bendy clips slip into any small lock of hair.

Introducing Ruff Quilts! For the pampered pooch, only the best boutique item will do. Dress up your puppy's collar or leash with one of these raw edge, rough, I mean "Ruff" clips and they will love you forever! Other felted and silk blossom styles available as well. Puppy and Me clips are adorable!

All items are from a smoke free home. These are all one-of-a-kind, hand made boutique quality. Please contact us for more details. Check back often as we will be introducing other products to our Quilt line.