June 26, 2007

Threadibilities(tm) Kits Coming Soon to Happy House Quilts!

What could be better to hear than your 12 year old saying to someone out in public..."Oh...my barrette? Thank you , yes, I made it myself!!!"

It's all about the Threadibilities(tm)!

I am just so excited to get these kits to Happy House Quilts at etsy.com and to the craft fairs this fall!!! They are designed by *me* a Master's Level Art Therapist specifically for teens and tweens! This is the age group that is bursting at the seams with creativity and energy to find some way to sublimate! These kits will inspire, bring self esteem and encourage open dialogue with parents while crafting together. These kits will also foster life skill development, social interaction, basic sewing skills and problem solving!!!

Did you know that most teens refuse to answer direct questions from a parent (duh...yes!) but did you also know that if they are engaged in an activity of some sort...dare I say a crafty experience???...they are more apt to feel safe to open up a dialogue and discuss many difficult topics!!! Craft with your kids!!!

Immediate gradification is the goal with any child or young person, these Threadibilities(tm) kits will keep them on their toes but allow for completion in an afternoon or less depending on the level of creativity the individual wants to put into the craft!

Perfect entertainment for a sleep over party or activity at a birthday party. A perfect present for a week of good behavior or a good report card, or maybe just the right thing to do for a girl and her friends one Saturday afternoon!

Going to a birthday party? Come on over to Happy House Quilts to find some great ideas for gift giving or to decorate the outside of a present!


  1. That's a great idea, especially when you get into the gift season.

  2. Jodie, that is a great idea. Good for you! Also, thank for the tips you left on my blog. I'm not sure I quite know how to do the underline name,etc. but I will just keep trying. Love the picture of you and the children!

  3. This is great idea. It would be a good party activity too!

  4. How fun! I'll have to take a look at them for my various nieces!

  5. What a fantastic idea--I hope they fly off the shelf for you. I totally agree, I used to put together little craft kits and projects for my daughter and niece when they were a little bit younger--just so when they would come and want to raid my craft room--I could just say "Hey, I have a little surprise for you...."!! Good luck with your kits--I think they are wonderful!
    Smiles, Karen