March 29, 2008

March 25, 2008

Lycos Classified? Who new?

Lycos Classified Ads
The search engine for local classifieds?
Here is the search for Hair accessories felt in the NH area
Very cool how the internet works automatically sometimes!
Have fun with this new tool at your finger tips! Shop local when you can!

March 20, 2008

Collaboration with M2M Boutique

Another wonderful Made to Match joint project this time with M2MBoutique
Gina asked me to make a Hair Quilt™ to match some watermelon fabric well here is the end result! Gina was awesome to work with and according to her profile at etsy, she has been in the fashion industry for over 15 years, and started her role in the fashion world on the catwalk, and now she continues this trend as a designer.

M2MBoutique specializes in custom clothing, matching clothing, tutu's, and custom design.

It was such a thrill to work on this project with her!A huge thank you to Gina for asking me to collaborate with her on her wonderful design. Don't you want your little girl to be a one of a kind slice of melon? Oh summer is right around the corner!!!
Visit M2MBoutique often for all her wonderful work !

March 17, 2008

Baby Shower the Happy House Quilts way!

How adorable is this little bunny?
And I am so proud of this original design the Hydrangea Blossom Hair Quilt™ AppliquĂ© .
Here is what they look like on the always hand stitched! I do use glue on occasion or if it's hand stitched but too costly ask me to glue it...for a less expensive option.
This picture is added for scale of the clip, I put the bunny on a 1.75 inch's really small!

March 15, 2008

Tropical Garden Made to Match Gymbo by Happy House Quilts

So how cute are these little guys? I need help from you to let me know which is your favorite? I will stock that one at the New Website! Now's your chance to vote, just leave me a comment and thank you so much for your time!

Here is the bigger collection with the flowers in smaller clips and larger snap clips as well. Two are already listed at Happy House Quilts shop at etsy but more coming soon to website

March 14, 2008 Launches New Website!

Hip Hip Hooray!
HHQ Celebrates 1 year aniversary at etsy and even more exciting is the new website!
So excited to share the news! is now moderately stocked and ready to accept/ship orders.

Best news of all?
$5 clips available again for the launch...and when you buy 3+ get FREE shipping! Or spend over $25 get free shipping...domestic orders orders will recieve reduced shipping rates.
Come on over and check out...oh and any feedback is very much appreciated!
Thanks for all your support this year.

March 12, 2008

Pretty Priddy Creations Shares the Collaborative Spirit with Happy Hosue Quilts

What can I say about the collaborative spirit of artisans? Etsy has been such a wonderful bridge to meet fellow kindred spirits. Meet Amy Priddy, of Priddy Creations Custom Designs; A mom and wife who loves anything crafty.

Her creativity is outstanding and I was so honored that she asked me to collaborate with her on a new purse she handcrafted for her etsy site.

She shared the fabric and asked me to make a brooch to match it. I love challenges like this. Fun stuff playing with colors and shapes.

Her end result is stunning...don't you think?
The general public thinks so too, it sold out with request for several more in about 24 hours!

Here's a close up of the brooch I made...but as always my creative spirit thinks that it would look good with a aqua base too.

A huge thank you to Amy for sharing her success with me. Moms supporting moms is such a wonderful experience. I recommend everyone giving it a try, because being a mom is such a stressful job that we tend to minimize. We carry the load of details in our heads for not only ourselves but everyone in the family. When we get sick we barely have time to take care of ourselves.

So I challenge all the moms out there...reach out and make someone's day, offer to help, collaborate on a creative project or give a compliment to another mom...It could really make her day!

March 8, 2008

The Anne of Green Gables Birthday Party!

Can I just say...Good friends are priceless? My friend Karen slaved over this cake for over 7 hours yesterday...I helped frost it...but the construction of it is awesome! She used skewers!!! 3 cakes! She is a true mommy friend! I was thinking sheet cake with a drawing in store bought gel goop...but no, she said..."let's go vertical!" and here is the end result.
Did you know that this is the 100th aniversary of Lucy Maud Montgomery's novel ?I thought adding the porch was pushing things...but it's awesome! She frosted pretzel rods and graham crackers!Yummy!
The kids had a blast playing musical chairs, duck, duck goose, Little Sally Horner and making wool felt bookmarks...of course we got crafty!
The kids thought the cake was delish!
Here is their craftiness!
Threadibilities Craft kits for birthday parties are a great craft! Some kids sewed and others used glue...they all came out awesome! We opted for a huge 3 inch bookmark as Anne (with an "E") was a teacher and writer. The design was a butterfly on a circle and each and every one came out so different, it was a super self-esteem booster for sure.
Here is the silly, "sugar rush" photo!

All the kids got gloves...found them at Target! Thanks for the heads up Bridget!
Sara had to fix her hair! The butterfly hair bow is now long gone...she had a long day...but was a trooper through it all!

Wrapitup at etsy supplied the Chocolates.
It is a cute teddy bear tea with "Kindred Spirits" written on the wrapper as well as Em's birthday date and a thank you, good things really do come in small packages!
Ellie is modeling a great Spring Rainbow M2M headband from Lillyspunkinpatch and Emily is wearing the Cupcake Cutie cute!

Hivin' it

Found it at style hive! Are you Hivin' it?
Doll dress club!
What a great idea!

March 6, 2008

St. Patrick's Day Outfits

What could be sweeter that dressing your son or daughter up to show off their Irish heritage? Or maybe you love shamrocks and green?
Well with Saint Patrick's Day right around the corner, Deedaloos has some adorable hand made dresses and boys ties for the special day.

Do you children Irish Step Dance? Maybe they could wear these for special performances r for after the performance?Cute custom made items are available today at Deedaloos!!!

...oh, tell her I sent you...she's an EtsyMom, she's awesome to work with, a good friend, and lives up the road! I will even throw in a wool felt Hair Quilt to match (FREE OF CHARGE!) if you end up getting any of the little girl dresses.


March 3, 2008

Eight years ago...

Eight years ago, I became a mother. In some ways these years seem so long, as I feel so old, but in so many other ways it was a simple blink.I made cupcakes for her second grade class...and can I just say that I sew them better than I frost them?! LOL! Love my cupcake taker by Tupperware!!!That paper cupcake is from PumpkinSeedMama...needed to share the cuteness of it and offset the ugly cupcakes.

I am more tired than I have ever been in my entire life...but watching my 3 girls grow has been so fulfilling as a woman. I am so proud to be their mom and I hope to stop and smell their hair more, like right after they get out of the shower...not the roses but their loveys, Rabbi, dolly and blankie...take in the little giggles and private jokes more. Give more hugs and raise my voice less, slow down and listen with my 2 ears and talk less with my one mouth. I hope that these next few years slow that I can watch my children grow and become women that I truly want to be friend's with.
This picture was taken this past weekend..not sure what the style statement is with the hat brim folded up too much....but they thought they were cool. We have had over 102 inches of snow fall this winter...yikes!
Good times!

Best of EtsyMom Contest

Link to the Amazing Charity Auction.
Half of the Proceeds to benefit the Ronald McDonald House the other half to go to a wonderful hard working mom who donated an item.

March 1, 2008

Best of EtsyMom Contest!

This is an Etsymom Promotional Auction starts March 3rd ~ half of the proceeds go to the Ronald McDonald House Charity, so you are bidding for a good cause! Etsymoms entered their best and favorite for spring, and you have a chance to win it all! Please visit for more information, and thank you for looking at our Etsymom Auction!
The Auction will take place on in HappyHouseQuilts Shop

Rosie's Cozies has a cute toddler tote, cute bunny on the front
Happy House Quilts presents Threadabilities Craft kit, design and make your own spring flower clip!
Buttercup Corner has another craft kit, felt an egg and a chick to go inside! It's absolutely darling, and a perfect activity for the family.
Andrea Baker provides a fun library tote, with fun spring critters in pastels
Aebaby makes these *adorable* tag toys. This is a minky rabbit with colored ears. Really cute!
GreenBeanBoutique makes little fruit babies in various colors
Caelista sent this adorable fried egg catnip toy. Something for everyone in the family!
Peek-A-Boo Studios made little Suzy Zoo spring hair clips. Custom designed just for Etsymom!
NightOwlStudios contributed these adorable spring hair clips. Made from imported fabric, these are way cute! Love the hedge hog.
WylesStyle made this super cute egg pouch. Perfect for a teen's Easter, you know how hard they can be to buy for!
BeadedSocks makes cute doll diapers and... beaded socks! The doll diapers are a favorite among the toddlers, and they hold up to rough toddler play much better than disposable dipes.
Sassy Stitches made this totally cool clutch! Fun 3D flower on the front. Perfect for mom for Easter!
Mommy3Jesse put together this beautiful diaper cake! How fun would this be at a baby shower? A useful gift that is guaranteed *not* to be returned to the store for sure!
AllGrownUp2 made this sweet spring charm bracelet. Bunnies, eggs, and chicks!
Minefull made this cute pendant featuring a cute little chick! Nice and simple, classy moms would love to wear this this spring.
Thumbelina Creations made an amazing pendant with lampwork beads, buttons, and wrapped wire. Be sure to check this out in more detail (click her name) to see it 'up close'.
Mellberry4 made this beautiful pendant, reflecting Easter.