May 29, 2008

My tumor...really needed it's own post...kwim?

The journey continues....Breast Cancer...

Invasive ductal carcinoma with ductal carcinoma in situ
you can actually see the lymph node invasion on this last pic towards the bottom right corner. These pictures were taked from my oncologist's computer...not bad...
His name is Dr. Peter Kaufman...he's doing a protocol that I might help out with too...more pictures will follow as I know more.
So, I think I have said it before...this is a 8 cm tumor which places it in the stage III category however...i'm not a dumb woman...I just have 3 busy kids and have a busy life...get your mamogram as early and as often as you can...even without insurance most local hospitals can offer you free screenings!!! Don't be and do it today!

Update Oct 08 see new results from second MRI post chemo treatment here

Chemo not so bad so far...sneak peek to hair cut too.

Day one of chemo...right before it you can see..i'm smiling! But even after it was done I was just a little bit tired...not too bad. I'm on anti nausea and steroids that are keeping my energy level up and I had a NuLasta shot today to help stimulate my bone marrow to make more white blood cells for days 7-12 when i will see a dip in white blood cell counts and will be highly's going to get hard with 3 germy kids running around....but the bright side is that it's summer and not winter in NH with cold and flu season. :)Shirley and Jill were the "comfort cart" volunteers this week. They visit with a cart once a week to the infusion unit. What a nice thing to do...I also got to experience Reiki which is a healing energy art form led by 2 other volunteers...i'll have to update this again with their names...I've misplaced them. The ice cream was a nice start to my chemo regime...too bad I can't get it more often.

To donate to the Breast Cancer program at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center...follow this link.
I'm not sure if you can directly go to the breast care center but this was all done at the infusion chemo many Norris Cotton Cancer patients will benefit :) Thanks in advance!

So here is the new hair do...I haven't had my hair this short since fifth grade when my mom cut my hair to look like Dorothy Hamill...oh back in the day it was all the rage. My oncologist saw my hair cut and said it was still too long and that it might be shocking when it falls out in clumps least it was a good first step....I guess you will all get to see me get the head shave too...I'll keep you posted if I'm not to modest to share them.

about 10 inches went to locks of love...not bad!

Here we were the other day (that's Becky with the medicine/angel/fairy doll) sewing up some new fleece hair...the burlad didn't cut it...and that's Karen with the monster doll with my 6 year old picking out eyes and sewing up the hole in her side.

Find more info about our Art Therapy Project with kids and Beating Breast Cancer, click here!

May 21, 2008

Sad Today :(

Little old me today...
I got news yesterday that chemo will start on Wednesday. I'm relieved yet terrified at the same time. Sadness is the overwhelming feeling mostly.My friends are helping me work on the dolls today...
the kids and I wrote words and messages to stuff into the dolls a few weeks are some pics...My messages!
Find more info about our Art Therapy Project with kids and Beating Breast Cancer, click here!

May 12, 2008

Positivly Positive!

As one mother told me after I had my second child,
"The days will be LONG, but the years will be fast." I often reflect on her wisdom. Sometimes the days ARE longer than others and I must say some days I look forward to bedtime with a special sense of relief. I know all people occasionally have these same feelings of long, dark days.

With that in mind, knowing the difficult road Jodi has ahead of her we would like to offer her our support by sharing the ways we get through our difficult days.
What can turn your day around? What do you do to turn off the stress? When you are tired and feel like you can't go on, what do you do?

This month we would like to sponsor a Positively Positive contest. The winner will be chosen by Jodi and will receive a special hair clip made by her.
To post your support and entry, leave a comment on this post.
We will announce the winner in a month. Check back for you name and at that time we will ask for your address.

May 5, 2008

NH Magazine is Lovin' Cupcakes!

How wonderful to get some good news for a change! :)
NH Magazine wrote a small article about and all the wonderful NH Sellers!
They included some pictures of products to give their readers some highlights...
Happy House Quilts' little red cupcake brooch was added to the article!
I am so proud!
For more information about NH Sellers at
see our NH Street Team Blog.

May 2, 2008

On the right road...

Hi everyone! It's guest blogger Becky writing to you about the recent events. So here goes...

Jodi is amazing. She has such strength even with everything going on in her life. The diagnosis of cancer would send most people for a loop, but not Jodi. When I see her with her kids and the way they look at her I know they are very proud of her (even little Sara) and look up to her. Jodi got a good report today. All the cancer is contained in her left breast and in 2 or possibly 3 lymph nodes. The rest of her body is clear of cancer. She will be visiting Dartmouth Hitchcock on Wednesday for her second opinion and then will find out when her treatments and surgeries will start.

Emily and Elizabeth are off the a great start with the "Cancer Doll" and "Angel" they are making as a form of art therapy. Here is a picture of them; a work in progress. I am sure I can speak for Jodi and say they have been doing a wonderful job writing down their feelings and stuffing them in the dolls. Look for upcoming videos featuring these creations.

With the help of Jodi's parents (they are wonderful!), friends, and an occasional tub of Ben and Jerry's ice cream, everyone is staying positive. We're looking forward to the words "In remission" in the near future!