June 29, 2007

Chickadee Hair Quilt!!!

Wow, this is what i worked on all last night.
EtsyMom is a Street team of Moms at Etsy.com and this is part of what we are all about!

Whimzy Pinzy inspired me to get off my tush and work with Chickadeebeads button that I bought a few weeks ago! I really love the idea of using someone else's creation to then create a new item...kinda like a round robin in the quilting world. Well this one will stop at HappyHouseQuilts.etsy.com and be available for YOUR enjoyment and fashionista days! I love the rouching and the simple designs...the hand dyed fabric worked perfect too!
Click here to see it at my shop!

June 27, 2007

WFMW - Paint the deck!!!

Well it's summer time and the kids are out of school and we are all hot...don't have a pool and don't want to run your sprinkler? Give them a bucket filled with water and a paintbrush and let them paint the deck!!!
Check out more Works for me Wednesday ideas at... Rocks in my Dryer !!!
BTW Happy House Quilts is working on keeping the kids busy and developing kits for your school age children! Find out more about Threadibilities(tm) http://happyhousequilts.blogspot.com/

June 26, 2007

Threadibilities(tm) Kits Coming Soon to Happy House Quilts!

What could be better to hear than your 12 year old saying to someone out in public..."Oh...my barrette? Thank you , yes, I made it myself!!!"

It's all about the Threadibilities(tm)!

I am just so excited to get these kits to Happy House Quilts at etsy.com and to the craft fairs this fall!!! They are designed by *me* a Master's Level Art Therapist specifically for teens and tweens! This is the age group that is bursting at the seams with creativity and energy to find some way to sublimate! These kits will inspire, bring self esteem and encourage open dialogue with parents while crafting together. These kits will also foster life skill development, social interaction, basic sewing skills and problem solving!!!

Did you know that most teens refuse to answer direct questions from a parent (duh...yes!) but did you also know that if they are engaged in an activity of some sort...dare I say a crafty experience???...they are more apt to feel safe to open up a dialogue and discuss many difficult topics!!! Craft with your kids!!!

Immediate gradification is the goal with any child or young person, these Threadibilities(tm) kits will keep them on their toes but allow for completion in an afternoon or less depending on the level of creativity the individual wants to put into the craft!

Perfect entertainment for a sleep over party or activity at a birthday party. A perfect present for a week of good behavior or a good report card, or maybe just the right thing to do for a girl and her friends one Saturday afternoon!

Going to a birthday party? Come on over to Happy House Quilts to find some great ideas for gift giving or to decorate the outside of a present!

June 24, 2007

We found the Lost River!

Me and my family at Lost River, N.Woodstock, NH. Sara had a pony on her tail too but she ripped it out...oh well...it won't be the first or last bad hair day for the little one!

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Featured Artist- Andrea Evans Design

Who are you?
Andrea Evans (Andrea Evans Design) More specifically, I am the wife of an offshore worker, mother to two boys, ages 11 yrs and 21 mo. I am stay at home/work at home mom. I am a soccer mom. I am the wife of an outdoorsman, which makes me an outdoorswoman by default. I am a free spirit, who is sometimes considered a wee bit kooky by my family.
What do you craft?
A little bit of everything...mostly beaded wire crosses and signs and things made of old tin and barnwood. I'm always looking for something new to take up!Why do you do this? Because it helps me to stay sane and balanced! It gives me a break from the pressures of motherhood and marriage...I just go hide in my studio and play.
What do you love about your craft?
I love that it is something I enjoy doing and other people actually pay me for it! I get to do what I love AND make money doing it!
What are your favorite items to make? Why? My hand-beaded wire crosses. Because they are like therapy for me. I love to pick out the wire color and coordinating beads, string each individual bead onto the wire and just wrap and wrap the wire to my heart's content...it's very relaxing for me.
What makes you stand out from everyone else?
Well, I believe my crosses and my painted signs are very original. I pour my heart and soul into everything I make. I use only the best materials...fine glass beads, copper and aluminum wire, antique tin and barnwood, etc.
Tell me something interesting about yourself...
I have a degree in Interior Design, but a design career just wasn't for me. I still do some design work for family and friends, but only because I want to, and usually without pay, just because I enjoy it. But a career in design was just too restricting for me...I'm more of a free-spirit type. :)
Where can I find you? (myspace, blogs, etc)
Whats your etsy link?

June 23, 2007

I love PRIM!

Primitive Handmade Art for home decor that is!

June 20, 2007

WFMW -Baking Soda

Ok, this is my first try at this so I hope I am doing it right?
This is my super duper WFMW tip. I don't burn things often but when i do it's usually because i'm off sewing or crafting for HappyHouseQuilts and JUST need One More Minute of time which turns into 30...so pasta burned on the bottom of the pan is yucky but who has time to scrub?...who has the money to throw it away and buy a new one?
Oh the best is chili...burned on hard to the bottom of the Le Cruset pot...ugh!
Well my soloution that I learned years ago and have since lost the source is to NOT soak it...but cook it! Yes, add about 2 inches of water and about 3 Tablespoonfuls of BAKING SODA and boil it...now DON'T go and leave this pot or you will have more mess to clean...the concoction can boil over quickly...so repent for your original mistake of being neglectful and stay close...slowly but surely the caked on, hard crusty food will chip and scrap away easily with out the need for a hammer and chisle! You may need to perform these steps several times depending on the thickness of the burned on food. GOOD LUCK!

New product line Quilt Clamp(tm)

This is a new product line for Happy House Quilts but keeping with the pracical and fashionable nature of the shop, I just had to share!
I love these and they are the first of many. I struggled with whether to paint them too but figured they work fine and it's all about the embellishment so feedback and comments are welcome.

June 19, 2007


Can YOU help me figure out what to do with this creation and suggest a name? It's about 4 inches (10 cm) in diameter and sits 3/4 inches(2.5 cm) high, it is made with ombre green wired ribbon. I have some ideas but need more...LOVE it and thinking of listing it when it "Becomes" something important.

Contest rules...
Leave a comment and the winning suggestion will win something cool...
FREE thank you cards or a felt clip...we can negotiate depending on your situation...if you have boys you wouldn't want the clip, kwim jellybean?
Thanks for playing!


CraftyNation.com is a new online craft show launching this summer...HappyHouseQuilts is on Craftynation's blog check out the blogroll!!! Check it out and stay tuned!!! Toni Lyn made a comment here at the blog.

June 18, 2007

Custom order... Large Iced coffee

Love how this came out! The customer recommended the silver thread and I had to add the decorative satin stitch...it's a perfect match with the print! I even got funky with the tag and added another similar stitch to adhere one side in black!
Long day with the kids...hubby let me have my
therapy today!
Hooray! I love to create!
http://360.yahoo.com/bmcgaunn wow...He's excited to get it! He featured me at his blog!

My Summertime tote!

I knitted this before baby #3 came along. It is made with strips of hand dyed fabric and my husband's old jeans! I used them for that skirt I posted a while back too! The bottom stays durable! I recommend you keep it VERY loose when knitting with denim! I was rushing and should have taken a picture of the other side...cool chinese button. Oh well.

June 17, 2007

I cracked 100!

Ok...so I cracked 100 hearts at my Etsy shop, 108 to be exact...but my real goal is to get to 100 sales...the holidays will be upon us soon so there is definite hope for the future! My vision is unique art for the hair, pets and cups...so I won't stray too far from that!

Featured Artist Georganne

Who are you? ...I've been asking myself that for YEARS! I am Georganne Lang, SAHM of 6 wonderful Children, wife to the greatest guy on Earth!
What is your Etsy Shop Name?...Georganne.Etsy.com

What EtsyKids items do you specialize in?...I make Wrap-style Baby Carriers, Custom-fitted Pouch Slings, Honey Buns(tm) All Natural Diaper Salve, Breastfeeding Mother's All Natural Healing Salve, All Natural Laundry Soap, Cloth Diaper Covers (fitted cloth diapers, coming soon!) , I Knead You(tm) scented modeling dough, and various blankies, quilts, lovey's & bibs have found their way into my shop!

What do you like about Etsy?...That it is all HANDMADE, everything from art, jewelry, clothing, accessories, bath and body, ALL HANDMADE! (except, of course, the supplies, he he he)

What do you like about creating?...Watching something wonderful take shape where a pile of materials once was! I find it difficult to let each piece go, as it is like a child to me!

What do you love about your business?...That I can do it from home!

What is your favorite product right now?...difficult to choose! Lovin my all natural products, and the slings!!

What makes you unique at Etsy?...My style, it is not "classic" by any means!

What makes you unique as a woman?...You'd have to *know* me, and answer that one yourself! LOL!

What do you love about Kids?...thier desire to learn, grow, create and the pure JOY and lack of inihibitions! If they feel like singing, they SING!!!
What are some other sites to find out more about you and what you love to create?... For now, my blog: http://georgannesbaby.blogspot.com/

June 15, 2007

Shopping splurge! Special deliveries!

Well I had a large job last weekend and I wanted to treat myself, so I went shopping. Look at what just came in the mail...both on the same day...is it my birthday? No, but it seems like it! Oh, so beautiful! The steel leaf is from knitsteel at etsy and the shepherds hook cross bookmark came from mae2075 aka Bitsy's beads and etc. LOVE them. I was going to use the leaf for a key chain but it's too nice...need to go to a craft store this weekend and get some leather strap and tie it as a pendant!!! I'm not the big jewelry type person but this just has amazing energy and it just symbolizes growth to me. I love it! The shepher's hook book mark is going right into our family bible to keep the spot so we focus on reading it more as a family. It's significance will transcend me and hopefully will get passed down in the family!
Thanks for reading! Now, go visit those shops!!!

June 14, 2007

Etsy Lucky Day

Etsy Lucky 13 Club
June 13, 2007 Listing...temporarily held over till June 15th due to technical difficulties at etsy today. Buy it soon or it will be gone. Be sure to check back to see what I'll list for July 13th!
You can find all the etsy lucky 13 items by searching EtsyLuckyDay

June 12, 2007

Sew Smart Treasury by HHQ

Even Jesus Loves Coffee! Treasury

Treasury featuring one of my new Coffee Quilts(tm) with a Pirate Theme. This treasury was made by the Coffee Bra who is doing her part to expand the market of coffee cuffs! Thanks so much for including me! Iced Coffee Quilt(tm) available now! Swing on by!

June 11, 2007

I'm not really the Skull type but...

When asked to make a custom Coffee Quilt(tm) with a Pirates of the Carribean theme, I agreed. Now what to do with the extra fabric??? I suppose someone could have a custom made slide or Hair Quilt(tm) made? I hear the little ones like the skull and cross bones theme fabric...hard for my sheltered brain to imagine..I don't go to movies much but I'll go with it if someone wanted a triple black skull yoyo clip too! I'm open to suggestions!!!

June 10, 2007

Cute Mommy, Cute Baby!

Marleysmama got a treasury and was kind to include my Pink Posey Hair Quilt (tm) find it at my shop! And look who else is there...rockerchic and rubyandmyrtle

Punky Fae Designs Featured this week!

Who are you?Carrie
What do you craft?Hand made Hair Accessories
Why do you do this? Started making them for my daughter.. got so much feedback I started making them to sell.. now i'm all over the place!!
What do you love about your craft? That my daughter loves to get new clippies all the time and that she asks to wear them !!
What is your favorite items to make? Why? My hair clippies.. cause my daughter loves them so much!!
What makes you stand out from everyone else? I think its the fact that I LOVE what I do.. i dont do it for the money.. al though thats a nice side effect.. I do it because I love to see the look on my daughters face when I make her something pretty!!
Tell me something interesting about yourself... I used to do mosaics but after a recent move i dont have the room for it so I put them aside until our next move,,
Where can I find you? www.myspace.com/punkyfaedesigns,
ebay.. my id is: punkyfaedesigns
Whats your etsy link? http://www.punkyfaedesigns.etsy.com/

June 9, 2007

Hair Quilt (tm) Happiness! Another Happy Customer!

What a cutie pie! Not sure if she has momma's eyes or daddy's but they are gonna knock the boys out some day! The purple and aqua felt clippie Hair Quilt (tm) looks adorable! I guess that's all she needs *wink*.
Thanks to Whimzypinzy for letting me share this pic. Her shop is full of Yummy hand dyed and hand spun yarn! She's got a great blog too!
Check out more felt clip Hair Quilts (tm) at Happy House Quilts. A perfect suggestion for Fourth of July is the Red, White and Blue Star Design.

June 6, 2007

Ruff Quilt(tm) Happiness!

Finally got a model for the tiny felt bone Ruff Quilt (tm). Thanks so much to Moonshimmer, please visit her shop, she was so nice to offer her mom's dog to be my model.
Meet Matilda! She looks spunky and now fashionable wearing a handmade Ruff Quilt(tm)!
Do you have a proud puppy that needs some bling? Shop at Happy House Quilts and search Ruff Quilts(tm).
But most of all when you shop at Etsy.com
Search etsymom first! Thanks!

Inspiration needed!

This bead is intended to be put into a hair quilt in the next few weeks. I really love the look and the delicate nature of glass. My oldest daughter's favorite color is yellow so this is so lovely. Quilting to me is very much like stained glass work and I thought that including this object would really make a new piece shine! This bead is so beautiful and came from Chickadeebeads at etsy. She sells beads and buttons for knitters and jewelers and who knew she would ever sell a button for a Hair Quilt? Looking forward to getting some creativity time soon!