June 2, 2007

My baby turns one!!!

Does "time flies" sound trite? Gosh this year just flew by!I can't believe my baby turns one on Tuesday...well the grandparents all got to come over for a BBQ and Arnie's ice cream cake to celebrate...but as you can see, all Sara wanted to do it play with the wrapping paper! oh well...she had fun eating all that ice cream and fudge anyway!!!
The bib that I made for her over a year ago held up well as she has become quite the hoodini with escapism from bibs.

I can't believe that the big sister's didn't ham it up in all these pictures...oh well...it was hot and they were off splashing in the kiddie pool and eating cake!!!
Happy Birthday Baby!


  1. She is absolutely Beautiful.
    here is to #1 and many many more!

  2. OMG, She takes after her beautiful mother! Happy Birthday Sara!! Look for something special from Aunt onegirliegirl ;)

  3. She is adorable! ONE! WOOOO HAPPY BIRTHDAY! She spells her name like someone that I know as well. I think that's tooo kewl! LOLOLOLOLOL Ohhh sooo cute!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Happy Birthday to such a beautiful baby, or toddler now!

  5. How sweet is she?!?!?! Hope she had a wonderful bday!

  6. What a lovely baby. yes, they grow so quickly so enjoy each moment. I love your Etsy gallery. Very nice!

  7. Oh! She is so beautiful and you can see that little sparkle in her eye--a real cutey! Happy 1st Birthday!
    Smiles, Karen