January 31, 2012

LIfe is there for the taking...these days!

Almost 4 years later after being diagnosed (3/08)...

I suppose 4 years ago, my mammogram was done and they wanted me to do a repeat and check out a few things...I was without insurance and didn't see the big deal in waiting...oh I had no idea what was in store for me?!

But that was then.

Amazing things are happening to me, now...to my life...for the girls...I can not thank the Lord enough..thanks aren't what He wants though...but to be glorified...as without Him...none of this wonderful life could be taking place. I have an amazing job, coming up on my year anniversary (2/14/11)...a wonderful man has entered my life with his children and together we make 7...time will tell what the future holds...but for today I will soak it up and breathe it all in!!!!

These days I say, "my life is full of Love, Prosperity and Abundance!"