March 29, 2009


This ringtone cracks me up! click on the orange arrow.
Positive metal attitude includes smiling every day...have fun!

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March 27, 2009

I finished my wool tote!

I look exhausted but I HAD to share this, because this week I finished a project that I had been working on for 3 years!
2 panels, a smaller panel for a pocket and one huge brown gusset that seemed to go on forever...but really only 84 inches. Felted the whole thing up this week and it took 3 cycles in the machine.
Check out the buttons...I knitted them up with a finer yarn with a #2 needle and inserted old bottle caps to give it form...made cording with double pointed needles with the same variegated yarn and left them unfelted for a great contrast.
I needle felted the other side :)
Karen convinced me it needed to be lined so I used an old pair of corduroys and some green homespun for the liner...even got to use one of the pockets and a belt loop from the pants on the inside...I loved those pants before they ripped on me.

It felt good to create and complete a project...I am grateful to God for giving me the gift of creativity.

Inspiration for the day

March 16, 2009

Photo Shoot

I was asked to pose with the kids for Concord Hospital's Cancer Survivor Day "Save the date" card.
Here is the photo:
I offered my wall hanging for the event too...i hope they accept it...I would be so honored. I did all my radiation treatments here and they were excellent. I also adore Lisa from the Payson Center support services too. She was a true comfort during some difficult days.

March 9, 2009

Meet my friend Koryn

This is Koryn's story...a fellow etsymom and breast cancer survivor. She had her mastectomy the day after me but we've been crafters together through the internet and etsy community. We have walked together through much of recovery this fall. I applaud her courage to be video taped and share her story. Her blog can be found at Mother's Precious Gems.

I hope you also enjoy her story...with God all things are possible.
blessings, Jodi

March 1, 2009

Rescue Me

This song gives me hope today...I heard it in the car yesterday...take a pause in your day and listen and feel His Grace.