June 24, 2007

Featured Artist- Andrea Evans Design

Who are you?
Andrea Evans (Andrea Evans Design) More specifically, I am the wife of an offshore worker, mother to two boys, ages 11 yrs and 21 mo. I am stay at home/work at home mom. I am a soccer mom. I am the wife of an outdoorsman, which makes me an outdoorswoman by default. I am a free spirit, who is sometimes considered a wee bit kooky by my family.
What do you craft?
A little bit of everything...mostly beaded wire crosses and signs and things made of old tin and barnwood. I'm always looking for something new to take up!Why do you do this? Because it helps me to stay sane and balanced! It gives me a break from the pressures of motherhood and marriage...I just go hide in my studio and play.
What do you love about your craft?
I love that it is something I enjoy doing and other people actually pay me for it! I get to do what I love AND make money doing it!
What are your favorite items to make? Why? My hand-beaded wire crosses. Because they are like therapy for me. I love to pick out the wire color and coordinating beads, string each individual bead onto the wire and just wrap and wrap the wire to my heart's content...it's very relaxing for me.
What makes you stand out from everyone else?
Well, I believe my crosses and my painted signs are very original. I pour my heart and soul into everything I make. I use only the best materials...fine glass beads, copper and aluminum wire, antique tin and barnwood, etc.
Tell me something interesting about yourself...
I have a degree in Interior Design, but a design career just wasn't for me. I still do some design work for family and friends, but only because I want to, and usually without pay, just because I enjoy it. But a career in design was just too restricting for me...I'm more of a free-spirit type. :)
Where can I find you? (myspace, blogs, etc)
Whats your etsy link?

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