May 30, 2007

Custom order for 2 Adorable Flower Girls

find this Yellow Blossom item here...

Cafe Mommers Treasury by divabeads

Cafe mom has an etsy group...come and check out what rockerchic has put together! I made it in!!! Pink and orange felt clip on the white headachefree headband (tm)..third down last column.

May 29, 2007

Etsymom take 3 Treasury by Prettychic

Love that EtsyMom is getting so much exposure!!! And there is my baby, bottom corner with a beautiful Blossom Applique (tm) as her accessory!!! Thank you so much PrettyChic!!!

Custom Order Pretty Pristine Potty Dress (tm)

Look what I was up to this weekend! And the mom loves the black and white slide to match her little girl. This is made with a onsie t-shirt and it's called a "Pretty Potty Dress (tm)" as it's simple and convenient for potty bloomers on purpose for use with pull up, training pants or in the privacy of your yard, nothing at all!!! Comments welcome!

May 28, 2007

EtsyMom too!!!

There's my Hair Quilt (tm) in the top center row along with all the other amazing etsymoms!!! Thank you IPJewelry!!!

Blog list!!! wow over 600!!!

In forums...
mothtoflame, indiscretion and sixthandelm have compiled a list of blogs and actually put it in alphhabetical order...I have added mothtoflame's blog to my Happy to share blogs and links first entry with the ***...but here is her blog addy...

Wow this is true community spirit...thanks for all you do!!!

May 27, 2007

Community Spirit!!!

Happy House Quilts French clip Hair Quilt (tm) is available at NESTY shop
All proceeds to help NESTY Street Team.
A happy house is a house with a quilt in matter how small! ;P

Coming soon to an etsy near you!!!

I just love the look of black and white and I was thrilled to find this floral print in black and white and have been so excited to make something with it!!! Check with Happy House Quilts at Etsy as these should be available just after the holiday! If you have to have one sooner just let me know by leaving a comment!
The pink French clip Hair Quilts (tm) are also coming soon and I included them in the photo as they all seem to look good together!
I feel so blessed by God to be able to make what I love and share it all with everyone that appreciates it. Thanks so much for coming by...blessings to you on this Sunday!

May 26, 2007

how to stretch a dollar at etsy!!!

Money is tight but I do NEED to buy some things...and I also feel a responsibility to support my etsy community.

Number Crayons (this is going to be part of a b-day present for the almost 2 year old I babysit for)

Ice cream cone necklace (I got this for Ellie #2 DD for helping me babysit all year...she adores Icecream!!!)

Honey buns (love this on MY hands and feet! But got it for baby's bum)

awesome pin cushion (sits right next to my lovely sewing machine! This was a splurge, shhhh don't tell hubby!)

May 25, 2007

I'm in 3 treasuries This weekend!!!

come see Daisy and lots of other etsymom items! Thanks kbellabambino!

Come see my baby with a beautiful blossom...theme is yellow! Thanks KatieBeanKids!

and my blue slide...yippee...i love these, i wear them every day!!! Thanks StirCrazyCrafts!

May 24, 2007

Look at what I just bought!!! I'm so excited!

Thursday 13

13 things about being a mom that I never dreamed of ever happening...
  1. hearing my own mother's voice come out of MY mouth DAILY!
  2. seeing my daughters become best friends
  3. pride in hearing 100+ elementary schoolers sing off key
  4. being too tired to take a shower some days
  5. seeing wrinkles grow daily all over my face
  6. Feeling the absolute glee in hearing the word "ma-ma" come out of a 11 month old's mouth
  7. wanting to just hide from my kids some times during the day
  8. having a day of not wanting to be touched or stained
  9. having a day of not wanting to ever let them go...letting them sit on my lap and napping with them in their beds, refusing to let them get on the school bus.
  10. sharing the love of creating functional ETSY!!!
  11. wishing that some of their clothes came in my size! Like skorts!!!
  12. seeing my 7 year old do a back handspring!
  13. And finally, feeling SO HAPPY that 3 is it for me, and knowing that there won't be anymore. For me, 3 is a perfect number

Expanding the Ruff Quilts Pet Line!

May 23, 2007

Etsymom Street Team official!

We have done it!!! Etsy approval came yesterday...all the moms with Etsy shops are joining forces and helping to promote etsy and eachother!!! Just start doing searches for etsymom in the tags.

Here is the new blog, yahoo group and webring coming soon...stay tuned for updates!

Cross Promotion with Kbellabambino at etsy!!!

Happy House Quilts and Kbellabambino are offering a joint promotion for items…
Listing # 6029700 from Kbellabambino “Red White and Blue Pillowcase Dress” will offer $3.00 off the purchase of this item… if you purchase both this and

Listing # 6029616 from Happy House Quilts “Patriotic Star Hair Quilt (small bendy clip)”

Happy House Quilts will offer $2.50 off which is essentially FREE shipping!!! What an adorable outfit and matching clip for those lazy hazy days, looks like we planned it!!! Moms working with moms is awesome!!!

Special thanks to onegirliegirl and georganne for giving the idea to joint promote…please check out their items at…

May 21, 2007

Today we worked on creativity and design implementation.

I think I have found my lucky 13 Item (s) woo hoo! Although it's hard to let these OOAK clips go...I just love them all!

These are all French clip style Hair Quilts...I call it my "UP collection" is only going up from now on! If anyone hasn't heard my husband got laid off but now has a new job and things are getting better each day! I believe in God and in the fact that he has led me to this point and I also think we are what we i'm perceiving good things to come!!!

Here is my 5 year old daughter's design...this is what we did while the baby slept,

We worked on it together, she did design and color selection, I did stitching...she wanted it listed to help make some money but when I said I would love to wear it she smiled so bright! I love the creative process!

Thanks for checking in, reading and comments/links are always welcome!!!


I am official!!! No turning back now...I own my domain name!!!
it's never been easier to get there from here!!! (giggle) A little New England humor.

May 17, 2007

I craft because I am!

So here is a skirt that I made last year. I love that it's nice weather again so I can wear it. Although I prefer to wear flip flops with was in the 40's...brrrrr! It is made from my husband's old jeans...4 pairs, I used the backs of his pant legs and then added the gores with 1930 repro fabric. When i walk the colors pop. My girls love to see me twirl in it too!

May 15, 2007

7 Random Facts about me...I just got tagged! just tagged me...Let's see where do I start?!?!?!?

1. I don't like birds, won't wear them on a t-shirt, won't eat them on the bone (gagging reflex kicks in big time), really would prefer not to ever buy poultry but with a husband and 3 kids what are we going to eat day in and day out?!!?!

2. I'm an adoptee and know that I am a product of my adoptive family. I am so much like my dad it's scary!!! I enjoy raising my kids as I was raised with a couple of tweeks ;).

3. I love the color green. But I'm falling in love with aqua and orange lately.

4. Favorite food...Receses PB cups!!!

5. Favorite Flower...lilacs that bloom this week, last year at this time I was expecting the birth of my third daughter and now forever the smell of them will remind me of her.

6. I miss cable (HGTV, DIY, WGBH Create, Discovery Channel, E! hoo)...I'm a TV junkie. We canceled it due to kids watching too much, me watching too much, and cutting back on bills.

7. I love being a mom...every second of it. I can't imagine my life without my 3 girls. I feel blessed by the Lord everyday for each one of those precious children. God had led me here to this moment in time with my husband, kids and family...struggles and all, and I will embrace every minute of it.

I'm tagging:
If anyone is bothered by being tagged then, I apologize for doing it, however, despite this taking time, it was also a bit fun to think just about...ME...and got me to browse your blogs and look around...have fun with it!

May 7, 2007

May 5, 2007

It's Hip to be Square!

I love quilts...if you couldn't tell. I also love the graphic quality of Amish Quilts, the use of minimal color but the combination of colors that contrast so strongly just makes me go ooohhh and ahhhh. Well this new collection of pony tail holders is fun and colorful and definitely Quilt-like! The pattern is called a square in a square and I hope you like the mismatched quirkiness to it. Coming soon to an Etsy shop near you. Have a Happy day!

May 3, 2007

Well I finally hooked her! My dear friend Kim has had a successful business at ebay for some time now and I give her credit for inspiring me to sell my own creations but Ebay wasn't the spot for me and I found etsy and have finally lured her here! She has awesome swimsuits for kids and nursing tops for breastfeeding well as purses! Please give her a look and hopefully we'll be able to get her over to Etsy kids soon!!!

Thanks for looking, have a Happy day!

May 2, 2007

It's hard to let go of something that is a part of me.

Sigh...It's so hard to say goodbye to things I it me or does anyone else feel that way? I really love creating things but selling them is hard to do. I'm shipping 3 clips that sold yesterday and having a hard time letting them go. Separation anxiety??? It's like they are a part of me...but I guess it's time to set parts of me free. Hold on, release, hold on, release, breath in, breath out, breath in, let go, breath out...