December 27, 2010

2010 Was a VERY Good Year!

Hello...and let me say thank you to anyone that visits me and who puts up with my long absences. My new mission is to LIVE and not loose time anymore doing things that distract me from soaking up all the goodness that the good Lord has offered me. :)

I am well this 2010 as are all my family and friends. I have been disease free for just over 2 years now and still on the Femara, Zometa, and Zoladex. I am showing uncomfortable signs of joint my feet, hips, elbows and shoulders which gets me down but I take ibuprofen and it seems to help me manage it better. The mornings are the worst. I was able to get a spinal mri recently due to the back pain as Dr Kaufman wanted to make sure the cancer didn't spread to my bones...all they found was Degenerative Disc Disease...oh is that all? You can see how there is white in all the discs except the bottom ones...they are not filled with as much fluid anymore and that is what is causing the pain and the spasms when i twist or lift wrong or too much. I suppose being on my feet all day doesn't help much either. I love seeing what MRI's show...
This next picture was taken at a rugby game at NEC during homecoming weekend in October. It was a blast! One of the players actually landed at Emily's feet trying to catch the ball! I got to see a bunch of old friends and had the rare feeling of time travel as I felt like it was 25 years earlier.

The girls are getting so big and life is never boring...Ellie took archery this year and got a bow for Christmas (we got her a right handed one and still need to switch it to a lefty though). Em is now a "working girl" as she does "mother's helper" hours with my next door neighbor. It is such a win-win situation...emily loves feeling needed and the 2 little ones love having her attention. The mom loves being able to fix dinner without little one's distracting her and my other 2 like having some quiet time after school. I'm happy that she is developing positive self esteem and gaining confidence as she grows. I also remember that hard age and liking having other women (other than my mom) to talk to. You can never have too many female role models for young girls!
Ellie ran her first 5 k this year and as a matter of fact I participated in a 5k this year too...but walked most of it. We also climbed 2 mountains Kearsarge and Cardigan
(I still can't believe I did it!) and did some hiking near Lake Winnepasaukee too! with great friends :) This pic was taken with my phone using a panoramic cool!
I have to say that climbing isn't so much fun...but the view is spectacular! And after that spinal exam...the doctor told me I had to KEEP MOVING! So there you go...more mountains to climb!This one is at Attitash where we went on the alpine slides and the kids got to try rock climbing...even sara did a great job! I was so fortunate to meet up with my internet chemo buddy Sara and her family there and we were able to get to the top together...but then again we aready had. It was such a marvelous metaphor made us both cry...who would have thought we could have been together the top 2 years ago?!?!?! Certainly not us! She told me of her friend that led her to me (well my Etsy shop) that had suddenly passed away earlier that's hard to imagine the plan that God has for we all touch eachother in ways we sometimes don't even know.

Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year! Blessings, Jodi