October 29, 2007

Happy House Quilts has another Happy Customer!

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These are pics from Sofielu's purchase of a Threadibilities Craft kit!!! She has an adorable shop but wanted to give a special young lady the opportunity to learn to sew like a designer too! Look what she came up with...
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October 27, 2007

I took the Handmade Pledge

I Took The Handmade Pledge! BuyHandmade.org

I'm number 1692!!!!!! What number are you???

Happy buying Handmade at Happy House Quilts!!!

What life is all about...family, Christ and creativity!!!

This was fun to do too! Another flickr tool to make this mosaic.

Love my girls! Need to slow down and smell the flowers as they are growing so fast! Hard to believe this was almost a year ago. The baby is into everything now...all my crafts are in boxes and stacked high and barricaded into random sections of the house with gates and pieces of furniture to keep her away from it all...I look forward to the fairs to move all the inventory out of my small spaces. But I guess a part of me will miss being able to create so much all the time.

This holiday season should be nice...the lull after the storm.

Create from within

Create from within
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Flickr.com can be so much fun! Look at the poster I made!!!

Go get crafty with your kids...check out all the wonderful craft and ornament kits available at http://Happyhousequilts.com !!!

October 17, 2007

EtsyMom Mini!!!

October 11, 2007

I'm pooped!

Who would have thought that second grade homework would be so time consuming!?!??!

Calgon take me away!

October 4, 2007

My Goals for my shop

Well...I'm inching fast towards 100 sales by December 31...as I hit 53 today!
275 hearts...but hearts are not really a goal of mine...it's all about sales! And transferring money from paypal back to my checking account to recoup some of the investment in craft supplies!

Craftzine.com highlighting my Friendly Flowers is a bonus but more global exposure was also on the list!

2 Craft fairs selling 800 items...could i actually sell out????

Blogging daily? Well with 3 kids and a dog and other children that I watch during the day...it's doing pretty good.

Listing several times a day!!! This is key to sales at etsy...i just know it!

make 40 items a week for next few weeks prior to fairs.

Expand Dog line.

Investigate and gain wholesale customers.

Christina Perdue has a wonderful blog!

Christina Perdue has a wonderful October in store for we etsians! 30 days to a better shop!
Check her out...here's the link to Day 1