June 10, 2007

Punky Fae Designs Featured this week!

Who are you?Carrie
What do you craft?Hand made Hair Accessories
Why do you do this? Started making them for my daughter.. got so much feedback I started making them to sell.. now i'm all over the place!!
What do you love about your craft? That my daughter loves to get new clippies all the time and that she asks to wear them !!
What is your favorite items to make? Why? My hair clippies.. cause my daughter loves them so much!!
What makes you stand out from everyone else? I think its the fact that I LOVE what I do.. i dont do it for the money.. al though thats a nice side effect.. I do it because I love to see the look on my daughters face when I make her something pretty!!
Tell me something interesting about yourself... I used to do mosaics but after a recent move i dont have the room for it so I put them aside until our next move,,
Where can I find you? www.myspace.com/punkyfaedesigns,
ebay.. my id is: punkyfaedesigns
Whats your etsy link? http://www.punkyfaedesigns.etsy.com/

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