April 21, 2008

Journey to wellness the Happy House Quilts way

I am writing to say that I have 2 wonderful friends that are going to be guest bloggers here for a while. Becky and Karen are amazing moms that have made me grow as a woman and as a mom in so many ways. I rely on their spirituality and inner strength in more ways than they really know. So please enjoy their posts about my journey into the world of breast cancer, chemo and surgery to eliminate the tumor that is in my left breast and lymph nodes.

Just the facts....
National Cancer Institute link
  • The doctors found my cancer after my first mammogram.
  • I had dense breast tissue...a.k.a. lumpy boobs
  • I didn't know the lump was there but now see it/feel it clearly...I'm not a stupid woman but a typical mom that just didn't take time to take care of herself...like so many women out there, always put the kids and others first.
  • I am an art therapist and will be creative with the kids throughout this journey and hope to share our creative endeavors with you all. I believe in active mastery over difficult situations...and through this active mastery we can conquer our fears and gain insight to ourselves.
  • I am a spiritual person, I believe in Jesus Christ and know that God has a gift to teach me and my family through this journey.
My diagnosis so far...
Blessings to you all...enjoy each day as it comes...it's a miricle.

April 15, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness in wool felt

So I'm 40 this year...and that means a mammogram...well I'm so glad i didn't put it off because they found it...CANCER. I'm seeking treatment options now...but PLEASE get a mammogram done! It might just save your life. And if i can live and maybe save one of my daughter's lives...then it's all worth it.

Clip available at etsy shop.
Proceeds to benefit cancer awareness.
Thank you for your support!
Blessings to you and to all the women suffering with Breast Cancer yesterday, today and tomorrow.

April 6, 2008

Meet Thurber the Cow!

Available now at HappyHouseQuilts.etsy.com!
This is an original Happy House Quilts design, made of wool felt, don't accept imitations with flimsier materials or clips. I show you the backs of my items for full disclosure...the back of the clip matters when it comes to keeping a hair accessory in a toddler's hair!!!
See my blog post about inferior clips here.

April 3, 2008

Oh Baby Baby!

In honor of my cousin who is about to have his first child...this post is dedicated to the newborn baby girl...

As you can see in this picture the largest clip (M2M Gap's "First Blush") is made with a 40 mm or 1.5 inch clip. (This item is listed at the etsy shop now.) Then the Pink Flower Hair Quilt™ with the orange button is made with a 30 mm or 1.25 inch clip. The Hydrangea Hair Quilt™ is the tiniest, "Preemie" hair clip, made with a 20 mm or 15/16th inch clip.

This is a teeny tiny, "Preemie" hair clip, made just for a newborn cupcake cutie!!!
This item is listed at etsy now!Here is a teeny tiny "Preemie" Chocolate Truffle Hair clip

It looks like the 40 mm size one but is much tinier...and would make a great addition to the larger clip to be used as a sister set or a My Doll and Me set!

Contact me and I can make them up for you as a set for only $9 this month only!
Thanks for looking!

April 2, 2008

Taking Care of Business in Loudon: Happy House Quilts

My local newspaper, The Loudon Ledger,
did a 2 page spread about me and Happy House Quilts!
PDF link...scroll to page 14-15 please.
Lee Laughlin
Lee Laughlin is an event planner and writer who lives in Loudon. She blogs at Independentbw.blogspot.com
and runs Fearless Events
she ROCKS!Thanks so much Lee, you are my cupcake cutie of the week!

April 1, 2008

Spring Cleaning...new and reworked designs coming soon to HappyHouseQuitls.com!

The Cherries are coming next week to Gymboree!!!Here is my preview too...
Add a little bit of bling to your Spring Rainbow outfit?
Listed at MommyAuctions.com store
I wish I were in Palm Springs right now! This and HHQ's signature flower will be added this week...I promise!
The Purse addiction grows (more about that in another post) but this is borrowed from a friend...thanks Maizie!
Lemony Fresh!
comes in pink, bubble gum, lemon and lime!!!
Perfect for cinco de Mayo!
I had this at etsy but reworked it in wool...I can't stop eating cookies at just one, can you?
...this would be so cute in a pony tail version!
Coming soon to M2M Gap section of store!
Baby Gap Shirt