September 23, 2007

Featured Artist - Knitsteel

Who are you?
I’m an Artist specializing in Custom Bronze and Ironwork. I make nature themed jewelry, home décor, artwork and sculpture.

What is your Etsy Shop Name/link?

What tag categories do you specialize in?
Art, Jewelry, Handmade Supplies, and Housewares (home décor)

Do you create for children or adults, women or men?
I create for adult men and women, but my work often appeals to teens and young adults.

What do you like about Etsy?
The opportunity to list whatever I want, when I want. I can list something whether I’ve got 1 or 10 available, whether it’s $10 or $100. It’s also wonderful to be selling directly to the customer and to develop personal relationships with buyers and other Etsy members.

What do you like about creating?
I get to use the talents God has given me and to work toward the visions that fill my mind. It’s also very rewarding when someone writes and lets me know how my work has enriched their life.

What do you love about your business?
1.Making money with my talent.
2. Getting to meet and work with all sorts of highly skilled and creative people.

What is your favorite product right now?
It’s hard to pick just one. I always love the single leaf wallpieces.

What makes you unique at Etsy?
I’m a highly skilled and experienced metalsmith. I work on large scale commissions outside of Etsy. I exhibit work in art shows. I specialize in the techniques of Chasing & Repoussé and teach workshops regularly. I make and sell my own chasing tools.

What makes you unique as a woman?
I’m a blacksmith.

What do you love about Kids?
My kids have been the greatest joy and the greatest responsibility of my life. They’ve helped to focus all of my energy, in my art and in every day life. They teach me new things all the time.

What are some other sites to find out more about you and what you love to create?
My blog is probably the most informative
For more information on blacksmithing, start with . Then visit their affiliates page to find a group near you. In Minnesota start with . In Wisconsin go to

Featured Artist is a post I do on Sundays. Find more featured sellers posted at the HHQ blog from past weeks here.

September 18, 2007

WFMW - Simple Sewing Kit by Happy House Quilts

Well how many of us have had a hem fall at work? Or loose a button? Or worse yet...have your blouse open up and pucker on your way to something special?

Have your kids ever gone somewhere with a new outfit on - only to find their pants are falling down because they are a little big and they refused to try them on and you were rushing to get out the door?
Well do you ever carry a sewing kit with you in your purse?

Here's what basics you need...
Felt about 9x4 be folded in thirds
Dental floss with cutter (airplane safe)
plastic fasteners for loaves of bread
needle for sewing
buttonsafety pin

Now mine is a bit fancy (I am passionate about sewing and love to craft), but you can totally keep it simple with just the felt...

Fold the felt into thirds and make one side a pocket by folding it in and sewing up the side and bottom...this will hold your dental floss (check before you sew to make sure it fits) and bobbins. Now the dental floss is great for the cutter but the floss itself can also be used for the thread!!!

Wrap thread around the bread clips for use later. Save and carry multiple colors. I use this for yarn and wool but all purpose sewing thread will work great too! Recycle those things...what else are you going to do with them?
YOu will sew the button on to it might need it some day.

The needle sticks into the top of the pocket to protect the sharp edge.

The safety pin holds it together while not in might need this some day too.
Hope this helps you!? Make one with your kids for camp, college, or road trips! Craft with your kids today!

Internet tip of the day....what's a congo???
come and see Take off your shoes Congo at Hyena Cart...check out this link at my blog for more information

Threadibilities Craft Kits™ with precut shapes for ease in making items available at Happy House Quilts.

Take off your shoes...What's that? Happy House Quilts will be a guest designer!

Happy House Quilts
will be a guest designer at
Take off your shoes
Check it out starting Sept 21, sneak peek!
Items available on Sept 26, 2007 and will be available for 2 weeks only!

September 15, 2007

Happy House Quilts is in's The Storque with an EtsyKids Back to School Highlight!

EtsyKids is featured at's The Storque with a Back to School Highlight!!! The feature is fabulous as I am an EtsyKids member but equally wonderful is the little highlight of the Threadibilities Craft Kits™ at the bottom of the post. Go EtsyKids!!!

September 14, 2007

Two Treasuries for Happy House Quilts

Well there you have it...2 random treasuries for Happy House Quilts to be featured in.

So pleased as punch to have my black and white Hair Quilt™ Slide to be in Fernfiddlehead's Forever Finest Floral Feast!

And then to be in Rumah Kampung's treasury too with my new Greeting Card Brooch gift combo is such a treat!!! The power of flowers is such a beautiful treasury...just so tickled to be included!

Thanks to both of these Etsy sellers for your inclusion of Happy House Quilts!

Happy Halloween Charlotte!

September 12, 2007

Crafting again at Happy House Quilts

I am a total addict! I now have to make's in my head....made these prototypes --------------->

but will get rickrack and try again...

Also am loving this idea of a greeting card with a gift's a pin/brooch for your purse, jacket, jeans or shirt. It would look sooooooo cute on a backpack or story hour/library book bag too! So many crafts, so little time...back to my Happy House of Quilt inspired goodies!

I am going to attempt to make these into Threadibilities Craft Kits as well... If you like these ideas please let me know...they may not be listed at Etsy as I am preparing for 2 upcoming craft fairs and need to produce much inventory. Blessings, Jodi

September 11, 2007

WFMW - Harvesting Beets at my Happy House!

I got introduced to fresh beets a few years ago, by my wonderful friend, Karen. Never having eaten them as a child. I fell in love immediately! They tasted like sweet corn! So I got my kids to eat them too...wanna know how???

Well I'm just the type of mom to share my secret with you!

Place a table mirror at the kitchen table and let them see their tongue each time they bite and chew one up...let them compete to see who has the reddest tongue! Works for me!

Find more WFMW posts at Shannon's blog - Rocks in my Dryer

Find more WFMW past posts by me here at Happy House Quilts's Blog! Search WFMW (Works for Me Wednesday)

Craft with your kids! Eat with your kids! Just love your kids...they will grow up so fast!

September 9, 2007

Featured Artist - TP Design

Who are you?
I am Tamara aka tink*. Owner/designer of TP Design

What is your Etsy Shop Name/link?

What tag categories do you specialize in?
Home Decor, paintings, photography, greeting cards, floral arrangements

Do you create for children or adults, women or men?
Mostly adults, but working on a line for children that should be ready by Christmas

What do you like about Etsy?
I love the connections that I have made, and the originality of the artists!

What do you like about creating?
I love making something my own. Plus when someone asks what I do for a living what better answer is there then artist - I get paid to make things pretty!

What do you love about your business?
I love that there are no set hours and it's all mine. I love making people happy too and I hope I am able to do that with my art.

What is your favorite product right now?
I would have to say the "Faith, Hope and Love Mirrors" I love creating simple elegance that makes a statement.

What makes you unique at Etsy?
My style and my originality. Also the fact that I don't keep to one type of product. I am all over the place!

What makes you unique as a woman?
While I was interning at Disney World I learned that it was ok to be youself and to respect others for the same. Sometimes I think people find it easier to hate then to understand the differences that make someone unique. I try to find the similarities that will make us friends.

What do you love about Kids?
I love the fact that even though my son doesn't talk yet he can still tell me he loves me!

What are some other sites to find out more about you and what you love to create?

Featured Artist is a post I do on Sundays. Find more featured sellers posted at the HHQ blog from past weeks here.

Happy House Quilts presents Penny Ponies Hair Quilts™


JUDY SCOTT- KINROSS SCOTLAND- Mixed Media and Textiles: Inchies strike again

JUDY SCOTT- KINROSS SCOTLAND- Mixed Media and Textiles: Inchies strike again

what a great idea...saw this in a magazine too...inspiration found blogging!!!

Of course what would I do with an inchie??? Make it into a Hair Quilt™ of course!
check out Judy's blog and her amazing artwork and find more Hair Quilts at Happy House Quilts

September 8, 2007

Happy House Quilts presents NEW September Hair Quilts™ and Craft Kit Designs

I love to create! Can you tell? I am filled with so many ideas for Hair Quilts™ that there is just not enough time in the day...well...there are the kids, the dog and of course my wonderful hubby to take care of too. Having more fun each day!

Go get crafty with your kids! Check out the new leopard Threadibilities Clip Kit™ with paper clip and pin back bonus items!!! My girls are my critics and sometimes design consultants here at Happy House Quilts. It was my 2 oldest children that inspired this New September Threadibilities Clip Kit™ as they love the Cheetah Girls from the Disney Channel!

I pay them by the snack!

I hope you are pleased with these new September ideas inspired by the colors of fall and fun prints! Feedback welcome!

Happy House Quilts in Stitchblade's Treasury - "It's Hip to be Square"

Thanks so much to Stitchblade at for including my Hip to be Square pony Hair Quilts™ in her treasury! I am totally a square peg on most days!

September 4, 2007

Happy House Quilts is featured at CraftyNation's blog!!!

Wow what a thrill! There is one of my first Coffee Quilts™ standing tall and pretty all funkied up with thread art at the blog! Thanks so much Toni for the feature...and helping spread the word about saving the planet one cup at a time!
What is It's a fabulous new community, web TV, blog, social networking community all in one for crafters!!! Inspire, Empower, CREATE! They have 4 episodes done to date and they are great! I love getting to know other crafty folks! Toni is such an inspiration! So much energy and passion for what she is doing!

So go get a cup of java and try on a quilt, pull up a chair and surf on over to Once you have had the pleasure of drinking your coffee in a quilt you will never want a naked cup again!

Did you know that you will save 4-6 pounds of trash per year per person by reusing a Coffee Quilt™? It's a fashion statement and you are doing your little part to help protect and conserve our resources.
Great for hot or cold beverages and even pretties up a travel mug! Don't drink coffee but do grab soda's on the go? These Coffee Quilts™ will catch the sweat on any cold beverage you might have.

WFMW - Brand Loyal Theme

Well I must say the #1 product that comes to mind when I think of being brand loyal is Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

It all started when I was a kid and I would go to my friend's house for a play date...I remember her mom always having Kraft brand...never a cheaper imitation. Now my mom would often find things on sale or try new kinds...whatever it took to get through the grocery store faster. I used to be able to eat a whole box in one sitting all by myself...ahhh those were the days!

Then off to college and well...I did have the freshmen 15 phenomenon occur - but again it's all about Kraft Mac and Cheese. Late throat...studying...yea, reading those chapters builds a huge appetite! Sometimes mixed up with just water...when money was tight, sometimes with only butter or only all tasted great! In the hot pot...remember those? Gosh it's all coming back to me...such great memories!

An old boyfriend introduced me to the poor college grad's version of tuna casserole...a box of Kraft Mac and Cheese (prepared according to the package directions) with a can of tuna (drained) and a box of frozen peas (throw it in frozen and the hot macaroni will cook it while you stir)...mix that up with a little mayo and you've got some great protein and carbs for any growing boy! My 5 year old just tried this and loves it...and the best part is she can totally help make it, she loves to cook!!! Cook with your a tradition today that will last a lifetime!
Now when I have play dates come over and I ofen have 8-10 kids to feed plus several mommies at one time...what do I think of first? Sandwiches??? No...2-3 boxes of good old Mac and Cheese. The kids get filled up and everyone is happy! Apple wedges, grapes or peaches are a great compliment with the meal as are chicken nuggets. This will also feed a ton of hungry kids!

Even the colors of the box are and reminds me of a quilt I have yet to make! Had to get that craftiness in somehow! Giggle. See more of my crafts here.

Look what a 5 year old did with a Happy House Quilts Threadibilities Ornament Kit!

Just goes to show you that Creativity can start young with a needle and thread. As long as you are close by to assist with threading the needle and help pull the
thread up tight, from time to time when a loose loop occurs. Success and pride in one's accomplishment can be found!

Children of all ages can accomplish sewing projects, and what fun it will be to make one each year as a family tradition! Purchasing the kit ahead of time with all the shapes precut really helps this project move right along. This particular ornament was completed in one session! Once she got going she couldn't put it down, and how many 5 year olds can sit for more than an hour??? The process of sequential steps kept her attention and motivation in high gear.

Oh the smell (Balsam) of this Threadibilities Ornament Kit by Happy House Quilts fills your senses!

Balsam stands for warm friendship in the language of herbs. This finished project will make a wonderful Holiday decoration, ornament for a tree, air freshener for your car, closet or dresser drawer or when set in a windowsill, will exude their suble smell
throughout the space.

Cedar is also available!!!

September 3, 2007

suchprettycolors: Etsymom Mod Squad special holiday feature week!#links

suchprettycolors: Etsymom Mod Squad special holiday feature week!#links

Thank you so much Ann! Please use this link to go back to Ann's blog, she makes awesome pendants, quilts, and placemats! Wonderful work, wonderful blog! Check her out!

September 2, 2007

Featured Artist - Irismishly

Who are you?
My name is Iris Mishly, and i am a polymer clay artist from Israel, I live in a small moshav in the mid-north of Israel, (near Cesarea) and lot's of green and farm animals surrounds my home.

What is your Etsy Shop Name/link?

What tag categories do you specialize in?
i do mostly on polymer clay art, but creativity was always my strong point, I studies fashion design, professional artistic makeup, and today I work both as a web-Designer and as a polymer clay artist at home.
Do you create for children or adults, women or men?
My creations are suited for children and women.

What do you like about Etsy?
Etsy is a great platform for sales in general and for my handmade products especially, it's easy, friendly, clean designed - i love it. although i am a computerized person, what isn't too complex - works great for me.
What do you like about creating?
Creating is therapy for me, it makes me feel good, clean the mind from the day to day life, makes me challenge myself and choose the right design/color and enjoy my time.

What do you love about your business?
I love the challenges, the inventions, thinking about new things, new techniques, every thing the stimulating my mind. i love working with color and color matching. i love teaching other people about polymer clay and i enjoy the joy of creating along with children in my artistic birthday parties.

What is your favorite product right now?
My favorite products are my angel-like key chain ( ), they are so addictive :)
I also love making the shoe embellishments (for crocs or any other holey products) out of polymer clay. Their uniqueness are important to me and i am sure that no one else is wearing the same embellishments because they are one of a kind.
What makes you unique at Etsy?
There are great polymer clay artists on Etsy, i guess my speciality is the color matching, and some of my stuff are unique.
What makes you unique as a woman?
I feel embarrassed when i have to flatter myself and naming my unique qualities, but if i must say i would say i am creative in my art, loyal, devoted to my family and friends, hard-worker and a very organized person :)
What do you love about Kids?
Kids are so innocent, they are like a fresh flower, needing to be fed and drank, need love and caring, when i look at my children i wish them all the best in the world and hope they have great life.
What are some other sites to find out more about you and what you love to create?
You can find more about my work and myself at my homepage @
on my flickr gallery
and at my Polymeri Online blog where i introduce new techniques, new artists, an interesting piece of art or plain inspiration with hundreds of links. You are more then welcome to take a look and enjoy the wonder of polymer clay.

September 1, 2007

Just had to share!

Look at what a 6 year old did with the Threadibilities clip kit...

Anything is possible with thread!!! I NEVER in a million years would have made it this way...but it's beautiful!

Let your kids have fun crafting...the possibilities are endless and they are stimulating their brains both left and right when they create and then discuss the process with you! Bonding at it's best! Now go get crafty with your kids!

Look what I found at Irismishly @

So I forget what first brought me to her shop...maybe a treasury...maybe seeing her beautiful French clips made with polymer clay. I am partial to art Hair Clips! But then browsing I discovered a handmade tool that she was selling to jewlry artists for making holes in clay to turn it into a bead. Well my wheels started turning and I immediately thought this would make a fabulous stilletto for sewing. So after a convoe and sharing ideas and thoughts she has now added the tag to the listing. Well I also adore tools and we exchanged items from our shops and I just received this in the mail!!!

But not only did I receive the stilletto but also this beautiful handcrafted pendant and fish magnet! Beautiful work and I love how she incorporates her logo and name into each piece! Very smart cookie Iris is!!! So what are you waiting for? Do you sew? Do you love notions?? Do you love a pretty handmade item??? The stiletto is a notion that has historical longevity. Needlecrafters have been using them for centuries!

Amazon lists one at over $15 dollars!!! It's not even as pretty as Iris's!

I personally love to use it to poke a hole into felt or leather. I also love to use it to hold the layers of fabric together while they travel under the foot of the sewing machine. Here is a definition from Jan P. Krentz (Quilt Teacher and designer). I am often distracted while sewing and well...accidents happen so quickly. This wonderful tool will protect my tender fingers from a sharp, fast needle! Have I convinced you yet?

Best of all she is an EtsyMom too!