June 29, 2007

Chickadee Hair Quilt!!!

Wow, this is what i worked on all last night.
EtsyMom is a Street team of Moms at Etsy.com and this is part of what we are all about!

Whimzy Pinzy inspired me to get off my tush and work with Chickadeebeads button that I bought a few weeks ago! I really love the idea of using someone else's creation to then create a new item...kinda like a round robin in the quilting world. Well this one will stop at HappyHouseQuilts.etsy.com and be available for YOUR enjoyment and fashionista days! I love the rouching and the simple designs...the hand dyed fabric worked perfect too!
Click here to see it at my shop!


  1. It turned out so well, what a great hair clip Jodi!


  2. Oh, it's beautiful! I love it! The perfect ending to this little button's story! :-)

  3. what a fabulous pair! love it!

  4. How wonderful I bet it looks great in hair. :)

  5. Really Cute!! I love the colors too, I'm sure that is one happy little button!
    Smiles, Karen