June 18, 2007

My Summertime tote!

I knitted this before baby #3 came along. It is made with strips of hand dyed fabric and my husband's old jeans! I used them for that skirt I posted a while back too! The bottom stays durable! I recommend you keep it VERY loose when knitting with denim! I was rushing and should have taken a picture of the other side...cool chinese button. Oh well.

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  1. Hi, Happy House Quilts,

    We are definitely part of the same tribe. This tote is adorable! I haven't made anything yet from my Ragamuffin yarns; I want to weave a good-size rag rug on my floor loom and plan to get that project going in the fall. I'm also going to develop some patterns for smaller primitive items to make from the skeins. :D