July 30, 2008

Eblankies has the Cuddliest Blankies EVER!

Ok well my 2 cuddle bugs are going to have drop down drag out fight with mommy for this one...this blanket is amazing! It's so soft on both sides, made of Minky and so big! It's got amazing satin edging which Sara is using for color identification...
But most importantly Eileen gifted this to me to help me with my chemo appointments, upcoming mastectomy surgery and fatigue anticipated with radiation...Eblankies is a great team mate to have at EtsyKids

How do I repay this gift? How to I accept such kindness from strangers? It's a common conundrum (did I spell that right?) that other cancer patients face. But you know me...or maybe you will over time...i am there to help others and join forces and chip in to support other women all the time...and when my energy returns this amazing gift will be repaid when i pay it forward to others needing my help as well.
Can you tell that Ellie loves it?

Eileen also has a shop where she makes cool skirts...and if you look closely you will see that she is wearing the hottest new fashion statement...a bald head...she shaves it for her mom who is battling breast cancer. What an amazing daughter and sewer! Thank you Eileen...from the bottom of my heart...this will wrap me in hugs forever!


  1. Hi, Jodi,
    Now I'm crying and giggling! The Smiling faces are PRICELESS. You go cuddle up and read with the girls and read some Winnie the Pooh :)
    My Mom's coming the Seattle for some respite from the AZ sun. We're gonna kick up our heels, eat chocolate and shop. Take care, Jodi \(^o^)g XOXO ~e
    PS Thanks so much for the kind words about the blanket "\(-_-)/".

  2. awww, it looks wonderful.
    I hope you also got the gift certs from the Etsymoms. Let me know if you did not.

  3. What a wonderful gift! Your daughters look like they completely love it. I use the same type of fur, and it is just so soft to the touch. Good luck with your upcoming trials!