August 3, 2008

It's been busy with the kids...but browsing Etsy and found these...

I absolutely think these are great!
With permission from the shop keepers I am posting these "Cute Creations"
First let's start with something I'm thinking about for my 2 year old for her stocking stuffer...

DuckySoaps at
or click on the photo for a direct link to the listing...I'm quite certain they can make more!
autumntomay's shop at
or click on the photo to take you directly to the collage listing

C for Cure - Collage no. 4

The shop keeper is also a survivor...blessings to all survivors today, I hope to be one soon!
Cycle 4 of chemo is tomorrow.

Search Cancer Awareness at


  1. You're an amazing Mom, wife and person - survivor is just one more step on the journey and you're already there! Good luck with Round 4!