July 16, 2008

Silk Fusion exploration!

Here is my sketch for the wall hanging...it's a work in progress it's already changed a bunch of times...but the 3 cone flowers are the basic compostition...the petals will hang free and I love that the plant is used for boosting the immune system as an herb...PERFECT! I am also intrigued with the use of 3...Father, Son, Holy Spirit, or past present and future...or my 3 girls...or I'm sure if given time, i could analyze it some more. The green silk will be for the leaves and the pinks for the flower petals...going to use brown corderoy and other textiles too, cheese cloth, velvet, organza maybe...oh so much fun...

I'm claiming this disease...it will not claim me!This bit of textile is silk fusion...so much fun to make today with a fellow artist...Brian...
this one is destined for echanasia petals on a wall hanging I'm planning on hanging over my bed...once i rearrange the furniture...
Here is a link to more info on how to accomplish this adventure into textile art!!! Create from within!

...here is my silk fusion for the leaves
this was just fun playing with the colors...not sure what will happen to it...maybe etsy will see it someday for sale???

this might be more petals not sure yet...
more playing with color...the blue is a electric bamboo that brian shared with me...isn't it georgous?
Here is Brian a friend that Kim (aka Deedaloos) introduced me to...such a kindred spirit!
He had many of the supplies gathered for me as he knows all the coolest shops up and down the eastern seaboard! You are too cool for color TV Brian!
Breaking apart the silk cap
Brian laying out his wine fibers
netting layed down on both sides and medium sponged on
new sheet with new yummy colors...more of brian's work
here are brian's final products...he even rubber stamped over some of it with lumier paints...so fun...obviously it was easier to take pics of him while he worked...it was a blast...THANK YOU brian so much...to see what brian does on the side...check out this
look for more of his patters and seminars on the site! Whoo hoo...what a talented guy!


  1. All I can say is COOL!!! I want to do it too. Darn, don't live near all that creative talent. Glad you can still find the drive for creating. God Bless.


  2. I am so glad we did this today! Not only had it been way too long since we had gotten together, but how much fun was this!? Definitely something I will do again. I can't wait until I have time to play with the silk papers- I have a bunch of ideas.

  3. Oh I love how that silk fusion looks and your creations are gorgeous.

  4. I am so glad you are having a crewativbe time despite the chemo. Its looking good. Are you going ahead without me? I'm here to help and encourage.

  5. Great job! I love them! You should put some on Etsy when you open your shop back up. :) God bless!