July 16, 2008

Chemo cycle 3

Here I am at the infusion room...got a reclining chair this time...had a couple of guys sit next to me and got to chat a little. Becky unfortunately couldn't stay with me as the medicines might have been dangerous for little Katelyn...but here they are anyway for a photo op!
thanks so much becky for coming with me on the ride and driving me home...i was sooooo tired!
BTW...can you tell that I am stylin' some hair under that crocheted Deedaloos original hat? Well my new friend Lea who I met at the golf course where I now work has an aunt that has a shop in Maine that sells all sorts of wig and breast augmentation paraphernalia. A Special Place is a wonderful spot to find all sorts of things, should you be in need.

The hair extension is really suppose to be bangs...but I really like it peaking out from under the hat in the back of my neck. Options are good!

So nuts and bolts of the past 3 weeks...cycle 2 wasn't that bad...no lying in bed like I got hit by a truck on day 4 and no migraine like head ache either on day 7. Insomnia was my worst friend.

What we did different is Dr. Kaufman tapered my steriod to have it be 2 pills the day before, 2 pills the day of, and 2 pills the day after...but then one pill the next day and one pill the day after that...also I need to pay attention to the timing and take them early morning and/noon...taking them too close to bedtime makes for some horrible insomnia. I forgot this part and took them at morning and bedtime and it wasn't fun...but the insomnia seemed to last throughout the time even beyond the steriod use...but that might have been the stress of moving back home and cleaning or rather scrubbing the smell of dog out of the carpets.

He also prescribed me a higher dose of Alieve to help with the achiness secondary to the Nulasta injection I get on day 2 after the infusion...Megan (RN) does that...what a dear person she is to help me out and keep me from driving all the way back to the hospital just for a 2 minute shot. It makes a huge difference...the insurance company has it shipped to me directly to the house in a refrigerated container...the injection is worth $3000...YIKES! But it boosts my white blood cells to help me fight off infection through out the in between time. And it's definitely cheaper than having me hospitalized for fever or something worse!

So today I"m a little tired...creativity with Brian was fun...but will post about that later...and hopefully tonight I'll get my head tatooed with Henna...not sure who will come over...but while the kids are away ....I need to feed my mommy soul!

Oh and before I forget...Dr. Kaufman shared a cool link with me...a local hike that will help to raise money for the Cancer Center (Norris Cotton Cancer Center) where I get my treatment. It's called Expedition Inspiration...a hike up Mt. Major near Alton Bay with views over Lake Winnepesaukee...maybe I'll do it? who knows...i'm not the hiking type...but lately I think I can do anything...as my Lord walks with me all the way!

Blessings to you all!


  1. Hi Jodi, You are such an inspiration. Thank you for reminding me about my own mammogram...I'm making my appointment tomorrow - already going through another procedure myself in a couple of weeks for something precancerous but NOTHING like what you are going through. Thanks for making these posts so that you can share with me and others how to stay positive despite trials. I'm praying for you!!

  2. Always so nice to see your smiling face :) What a wonderful spirit you have. Bless you and your family!

  3. Just stopping by again to let you know I'm thinking about you & you are in my prayers! Love the hat on you; so cute!