July 29, 2008

Walking with God every day of my life!

Who knew when I made this Hair Quilt (TM) months ago...that a tumor the size of an appricot was inside my body?! He has walked beside me, tip toed behind me, held my hand and carried me on certain days....but HE has never let me go!

I believe in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and I know He will bring me through this journey of cancer....my kids need me...and I have more work to do in this world...I'm not done yet!

Tired this week, and insomnia is back, headaches are back but mild, my mind races with everything i need to do...but no physical energy to do it all...trying to relax with friends more...but also have days where i just want to hibernate in the house and keep the world at bay.

BTW...i relisted the "Walking with God" clip...maybe it can help spread the word of Jesus Christ?!


  1. What an awesome clip and a wonderful way to spread the word!

  2. Oh, I am so sorry to learn of your cancer! I didn't know. I've sent up my prayers to join in all the others who pray to our loving Father--prayers for your healing and comfort and strength. You have such a great attitude. Don't push yourself too hard and be kind to yourself, you body is working so hard right now and it needs you to be nice to it! OK? God Bless you!
    Smiles, Karen

  3. Oh Jodi! Keeping you in our prayers always! Just relax and enjoy your family and friends. Take care always!