July 23, 2008

God gave us the Rainbow!

This is what I saw at work last weekend....it was breath taking! And it's just another sign that God is never far from my side...Praise Jesus!This is Echinacea or purple cone flower....it's the inspiration to my new wall hanging that will incorporate mixed media...it's so exciting...wish i had more hours in the day...
So the kids are back and needy...as kids can be after being away from home...but their anxiety is a little greater...as they were away for a whole week and mommy is more tired...I missed them so much....my own anxiety is at bay now too...we had a great day today making some crafts and visiting with old friends in Henniker, NH...my most favorite place on the planet!

I am feeling well...tired...but well...this cycle has my side effects in my taste buds lingering a little longer...and still weepy at times...but my spirits are good and visits with good friends give me such comfort...i got to hang out with my college friends this weekend...it was FABULOUS! ( can you sing it to the HS musical song? hee hee)
This is me sporting some new hair fashion with the wig...I think it looks pretty good...

BTW I'm happy to announce that my shop at etsy is finally open...
...slowly i will try to make new designs and keep moving toward reopening the website...patience is appreciated during my hard days...but it's all good, goodness knows i can use the income to start my Christmas shopping...I'm guessing i'll be having surgery around then! Yippee, can't wait to get this tumor out of me!!!


  1. You look mah-velous dahling!! (but you also did with your henna tattoos *grin*) So glad to hear all is going well - you and your family are in my prayers often.

  2. Your new hairstyle looks great!

    I am so happy you were able to reopen your store and start selling your creations again! Wishing lots of sales for you!

  3. My friend is your neighbor and she pointed my to your Etsy shop. I just wanted to stop by and offer you my emotional support. Best of luck with your gorgeous shop!

    Andrea Q of Quirky Bags

  4. Yay! So happy to see you are back open again!! :) You look so beautiful! Love the headband, :). Still in my prayers. :) :) :) :) :)

  5. Oh and beautiful picture of the rainbow! You could make little postcards of it & sell them. :) And can I add your blog to my list of Etsymom blogs on my blog? :)

  6. I have been reading your blog a month ago! I am happy to see you feeling better and welcome back to etsy! :)