July 14, 2008

The creative process begins...dying silk top today

The kids are off to my in-laws for the week, chemo is tomorrow all day with Becky...will have to take pics of us wild women at the infusion station...oh with cutie-pie katelyn too...but for the rest of the day I am dyeing to share my new Art Therapy process with you all...the dolls are still hanging out...will get back on track with them when the kids return...but this project is for me...it will be a mixed media wall hanging for over my bed to infuse the bedroom with new energy. Stay tuned...

He went shopping for me too and got me the silk top and silk caps already dyed...I LOVE THE FUSHIA!!!
These are the dyes I used and I got them at the Elegant Ewe in Downtown Concord, NH
I am so excited to move on this project as I need the infusion of creativity as well as infusion of chemo meds!!!

more pics added..

finished silk tops...with flash on the camera...the colors are hard to capture on film......without flash but a little blury...and I did some extra wool from another project...I love the curly strands...hope they get put into the quilt...
somehow...it's all good and I'm not trying to expect too much...but let the process take me where I need to go! Create from within everyone.


  1. Hello :)

    This is the latest post I can find and after looking at all the delish silk laid out I'm wondering, did you finish the quilt? Have you posted pictures of it? I'll keep poking around to see if I can find a later post - but the colors look like they'd make an amazing hanging! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. I have the silk paper made...the post is here...and the wall hanging is laid out for audition...but summer vacation, 3 small kids and chemo has slowed me down...will work on it all more this fall prior to mastectomy...that's the plan anyway...thanks for the feedback! J