July 17, 2008

Embracing the essence of me...vanity is so over-rated!

So finally a shot of me in my wig...whatdaya' think?I love it...it's the old me and I think it helps the kids when we are out in public...but I do appreciate that that is the old me...I will never be that person again...a new and improved me is being created....daily!
So yesterday was chock full...amazing what you can accomplish without 3 kids running around...Thank you to my in-laws for taking care of them and allowing them to escape me for a little while...a perfect beach vacation is where they are...nice!

Not only did I create during the day with Brian but I invited some friends over to help me shave my final hairs off my
head (it is bothersome under wigs and scarves) and to celebrate this occasion...there was Katherine's yummy red pepper jelly covered over cream cheese and the wine was flowing but i drank lots of water...it's better for my purging the toxins out of my body.
Here I am!
Brian just shared a poem from a friend of his, thank you to both!...author unknown

Cancer is so limited...

It cannot cripple Love.

It cannot shatter Hope.

It cannot corrode Faith.

It cannot destroy Peace.

It cannot kill Friendship.

It cannot suppress Memories

It cannot silence Courage

It cannot invade the Soul

It cannot steal eternal Life.

It cannot conquer the Spirit.

Wow! Yup...that's what I think too!

I decided (upon someone's suggestion) that I should tattoo my bald head. the more i thought about it ....the more i loved the idea. I'm not a permanent type of girl so the henna tattoo kit found at Michael's worked out well. *giggle* so in my search for symbols for my wall hanging I came across a page for native american symbolic images. Lo and behold the turtle is a symbol for longevity and can represent the ability to defy death.
I had to have it on my head! Becky and Katherine embellished it a bit with swirls in a cross motif as I need to remember it's with Jesus Christ that I walk on this journey with. He has never left my side!Oh, and I had to have my flower...even without hair I needed the M2M Quilt Inspired accessory! :)

As I read my daily al-anon meditations I was compelled to share them with you...

"now I look for humor in every situation, and my higher power is a laughing God who reminds me not to take myself too seriously" Courage to Change

"Acceptance appears to be a state of mind in which the individual accepts, rather than rejects or resists: he is able to take things in, to go along with, to cooperate and be receptive." (Dr. Harry M. Tiebout)

This has resonated in my mind a lot...it's like trying to swim upstream...i will exhaust myself...i need to go with the current...nor can I swim out to rescue someone thrashing in the waves...I need to let the life guard save them...today I will let the Lord take care of those who seek him...I will work hard to seek him each day as it is amazing the gifts he shares with me. (my comments)

"A change of scene, a new interest, a creative undertaking-these are healing medicine for the troubled." One day at a time in Al-anon

"My time is too precious to waste living in the future or worrying about something over which I have no power. I am building a wonderful life for myself today.
July 17 Courage to change

Blessings to you all!


  1. I love your wig; you look just like your old self. I do agree you're a new you; a better you; a tougher you! And I'm glad to know you still have your humor. I'm sure that'll help you go through this tough time. Always keeping you in our prayers. :D

  2. Jodi! you are beautiful with and without your wig! I love to see that smile on your face. : )

    Thinking of you,

  3. I think you look fantastic with and without hair. You inspire me everyday with your own strenth, courage and faith!

    xoxo ~L

  4. You look great! I agree with Amanda's comment, too - you're beautiful with and without the wig! The henna tattoos are a great touch!

  5. I also agree with what everybody said, 'You are beautiful with or without your wig!'
    I really enjoyed reading this blog entry. You the strongest most courageous women I've ever met (even though we never met, lol)! Reading your blog teaches me to LIVE life & be thankful for everything I have! You have so much faith in God & you are LIVING your life! Your girls are very blessed you have you as their mother! :) By the way, I love the tattoos. God bless & you are in my prayers!

  6. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I do the Komen Breast Cancer walk every year and this year I am running it. You are in my thoughts.

  7. Oh jodi the wig looks great but to tell you the truth i was not focused on the wig at all ...All i saw was your beautiful smile and warm heart peering out from the photo's! YAY a happier jodi...

    Hina oh how i love that word...its my 5th child's name my sweet baby girl she just turned 5 months old on the 1st! Doing hina brings back floods of memories for me ....the last time i wore hina was my wedding day almost 15 years ago in pakistan HOW MUCH FUN!

    I LOVE MEMORIES...and you may have bad ones but just think of all of the amazing memories and footprints you are making along the way!

    May God Tread Lightly on your heart so you may continue to Smile HUGE HUGS

  8. Beautiful Pictures! Love your flower tattoo ~ So FUN! :)

  9. The wig looks wonderful and it suits you! I am glad you found one you like!

    Love the tatoos. Thank you for sharing the inspirations with us!

  10. Jodi, You are the most beautiful woman ever. Your strength and beauty shines from the inside. Thinking of you always,

  11. Hi Jodi

    I have been reading your blogs for awhile now! You are such a beautiful person. You are in my prayers daily!

    From California

  12. Loving the tatoos!

  13. You are so beautiful and the wig is in my humble opinion, unnecessary to enhance that beauty. Of course I understand how you need to have it for 'normality' when you are out with your girls, but still.....

  14. emma if you are out there...i accidentally hit a wrong key...and your comment disappeared...i am so sorry....thank you for visiting and sending your wonderful words of encouragement. Blessings to you!