August 12, 2007

May I temp you with a Cocktail Quilt™?

This picture of the "Cocktail Quilt™" was taken on my weekend away with my girlfriends from college...we are all turning 40 this year so hubby let me escape and go be alone with adults! We got a bit silly and this is what came out of it...another use for the wonderful quilted wrap (a.k.a. Coffee Quilt™) sold at HHQ! Never have a naked cup or glass or cold beverages are all beautified with a OOAK creation!


  1. Great idea!!!
    I hate those terribly hot plastic coffee mugs!

  2. And yet another use for a great product! Good thinking!

    PS....TAG you're it! :) Check out my blog for the info on the tag thingy.

  3. I love that idea! Wonderful photo! I bet it was great to have time with your friends. :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Well those are much more fun looking than those silly, little rings you put on the bottom of stem ware. Great idea!

  5. Rock on. I bet you and your girlfriends had a blast.