August 13, 2007


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1. List seven random facts/habits about yourself

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7 facts about me
  1. I'm a Sagitarius and the description fits me to a tee!

  2. I always wanted girls and although they talk waaaay too much...i embrace every second of the hormone infested home I have.

  3. I hate wind!

  4. I prefer long hair despite cutting my hair short many times. I think I have finally decided to keep it long. I suppose that is why I don't like wind...*giggle*

  5. I love lasagna! Could eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner!

  6. I am a new listener to Contemporary Christian and always looking for new music...any suggestions? Love Micheal Smith and Mercy Me.

  7. I used to be an avid country line dancer and miss dancing a lot!!!
I'm not tagging anyone as I just tagged folks for weird tag...participate if you like...or just leave a comment. Thanks for reading!
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  1. I love Mercy Me also :) I used to do after school care and the kids would all sing along with Imagine. It was really sweet. I met my hubby (for the second time) line dancing :) but we both stink at it LOL!

  2. Ohhh I prefer long hair too and hate wind. Tangles my hair all up tangley. Chopped mine all off last March. It was almost down to my rear, chopped it so that it was just about to my chin. Now its just a tad past my shoulders. That reminds me....I wanted to hardcore rant about something to someone so if you get bored send me an email lol