August 14, 2007

WFMW Learn new things -Needle felting is my new love!!!

This weeks Works for me Wednesday post is all about me...I am working on balancing my I do it with art...Needle felting is my new craft that I'm becoming passionate about...

Here is the story of my first landscape...

So it started out with yellow roving from WhimzyPinzy's shop at Etsy...then I layered the roving in opposing directions and needle felted it...

Added some colored roving on top and molded shapes and lines...

More Color, shapes...more shapes, outlined shapes in darker shades of same color...auditioned fibers...some worked others didn't...tried to imagine beading...will hold off for now though...

then started to stitch...and used chenille and pearl cotton...3 colors of green for the blades of grass and stems...

Simple stitching really...lazy daisy and straight's so meditative!!! I sat outside in the cool summer day and pushed the kids on the swing while i kept stitching...visited with a friend and let the kids play...

So now what do I do with it??? I will probably mount it onto black wool felt...and maybe use it to adorn a book...journal, sketchbook or Bible cover...but that would involve more sewing and my sewing machine needs to go into the hoo...

Well the final product is so pretty...I am really pleased with my first needle felted landscape...I have been very emotional this week...many stresses to be dealt with ...most of all woke up to a flat tire Monday morning after traveling 2 and a half hours to visit family...thank goodness the tire didn't blow out on the highway with all 3 kids, the dog and hubby sleeping in the car...times like that help me know Jesus is there looking out for me and all of us! This could represent my homage to Him...the almighty...the creator...
Life is Good...I am Blessed...I will find shelter in the storm.

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  1. I just saw that on your flickr page!
    you are rockin' mama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. thanks so much...i really love it...I used roving from WhimzyPinzy's shop at etsy...if you ever are interested in roving...she is great! Also got some of the chenille from Brian who I just's so hard cuz I only need bits and pieces...not whole skeins to do stuff like it limits me.

  3. HOly cow Jodi, that is AMAZINGLY beautiful, I love the colour and the texture, fabulous work my friend!!

  4. WOW! That is just toooo beautiful! Did you put the size of this piece on the post? If not what size is it?

  5. 3.75 x 2 inches tiny but full of texture and color!

    thanks for all the great comments!

  6. Beautiful! I have some of the stuff to do this, I should get the rest and try it.

  7. love it Jodi - touches of embroidery really bring it all together! So sorry about the car ... but things WILL get better. Glad you are all safe and sound. Enjoy the nice weather and the kids - they're back to school soon :)

  8. Oh that's beautiful! I just got back from my trip, so won't get to comment on all the entries, but had to comment on this one.

  9. Oh my, is that beautiful! I love your artwork.