August 3, 2007

Look what I bought!!!

Oh how my 5 year old loves ice cream! This is going to be perfect for her first day of kindergarten!!! This delicious looking cone came straight from OneGirlieGirl's shop at and how I need one today...the thermometer was hitting 95 dgrees!!!

So~ I am so intrigued with wool needle felting and I had to grab some supplies here at etsy to get me started...WhimzyPinzy had the colors I was looking for!!! is a picture using the pink roving as a pink pokadot Hair Quilt(TM)...

And then I bring you my newest acquisition from Knitsteel's shop! This cross is titled "Grace and Joy" and it best summarizes my year and I bought it to give to my in-laws for Christmas. Oh I can't wait to see their faces. Why was I drawn to this piece? My MIL and FIL have 21 grandchildren that touch everything in their house...what better item to touch than a crucifix?!?!? I knew it would be heavy and I wanted the kids to understand the weight of the cross that Jesus carried. My husband liked the fact that it looked like wood and I liked the imperfections and bowing that symbolized Jesus' humanity and temptations. The base reminds me of Mary kneeling and weeping at Jesus' feet and how we (all Christians) lean on Him to get us through our daily lives. I am completely enamoured with this piece...wish I could keep it but it's just not in the budget.


  1. Oh're too kind to show my hair clip. Love that roving, and cross! Can't wait to see what's next for you!!

  2. Thank you so much. You write such thoughtful appreciation notes. You inspire me to think deeper about my own work, which is a good thing.

    I saw that roving too. I like those colors.

  3. Wow. That cross is absolutely beautiful. Such a great find!

    @knitsteel - You have a talent with metal!

  4. You descriptions are so thoughtful. Isn't knitsteel's work amazing?!

  5. Hi, Happy House Quilts,

    Welcome to the wonderful world of needlefelting! It is addictive and rewarding, as I know you have already discovered.

    Awesome cross from Knitsteel!

  6. I am glad you are having so much fun with the Wool!
    addicting isn't it!