August 4, 2007

New Circle Collection!!!

This one is listed at


  1. I emailed you about a variation on these. I love seeing them all lined up like that.

  2. Wonderful, wonderful work! I absolutely love it! *HUGS*

  3. I love these circles! The beading adornment is so cool.


  4. Jodi, I am loving your newest items! Your talent, creativity and personal style SHINE through!!
    I love the orginality that you weave through each and every piece! Keep up the great work!!
    ~G :o)

  5. I had to hunt this post down and say-
    I really like the barrettes, lined up, in their order, as if they were the original quilt that you created.
    Why don't you make small (maybe 5x7) art quilt wallhangings to sell in the 25 to 50 dollar range on Etsy? Not everyone wears barrettes. You should try it. You can still cut them up for barrettes if you don't sell them in the 4 month list time.