August 26, 2007

Beni's Bunk- Featured Artist

Featured artist is a weekly feature I do on Sundays, please take a moment to read more about a mom that I met at that also sells her work at etsy.

Who are you?
My name is Crissy Gottberg. I’m a mom of three, a wife of 13 years, and an artist and writer.

What do you craft?
I’m a very eclectic crafter. Everything from cards, and hand bound journals, to mini figurines. I’ve done hand bags, and some art work. I am working on a whole line of fantasy coloring books for dragons, mermaids and fairies filled with original drawings.

Why do you do this?
I love to create. I’ve always loved to draw, write and sew… My cupboards are filled with items I’ve created, therefore it just seemed like a great idea to sell them on Etsy. It frees up room for more crafting, and gives someone a wonderful item that they will love. Plus, the little extra money I make goes toward buying new craft supplies, and cups of coffee at Starbucks.

What do you love about your craft?
Well, each of my crafts are fun, the take up time that would otherwise be spent staring at a TV, which I hate doing.

What is your favorite items to make? Why?

Coloring books… I think it’s their versitility. I can draw just about anything and set them up as emailed sets of drawings to be printed, or print them myself and staple them together. Plus, I just love to draw.

What makes you stand out from everyone else?
I’d like to say my ability to do almost anything. I may not be the best at any one thing, but I’m pretty good at a lot of things. But then I know I’m not the only eclectic soul on Etsy…

Tell me something interesting about yourself...
I published several articles about writing and some poems with a magazine out of Australia, and I won a “Best SF Writers in Australia” award even though I don’t live in Australia.

Where can I find you? (myspace, blogs, etc)

My homepage has links to everything I have online, including a deviant gallery for my artwork, I’ve writen articles for a couple magazines, and Associate content.

I have a couple blogs, including Live Journal, Yahoo! 360, and a blogger, and several other things. I am only on Etsy and Deviant art constantly.

Whats your etsy link?

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