August 3, 2007

Why Learn About Children’s Art?

Art is important to children. It provides them with an outlet for creative expression that is uniquely their own. It helps them gain recognition and acceptance for their ideas and feelings. For the healthy child, art expression is a way to chart intellectual and emotional growth. For the learning-disabled child, who often feels inadequate, acceptance of the child’s artwork may be the first step in helping the child toward self-acceptance.

Excerpt from See What I’m Saying by Dr. Myra Levick.

I am a Master's Level Art Therapist, I will try to bring you more information about Art Therapy in the weeks and months to come! Enjoy!


  1. I am looking forward to these posts. I would love it if you would start posting kid art tutorials or documentaries. Those kinds of entries are quite popular. We all love inspiring blogs that make us feel good about working with our kids and that give us ideas of things to do with our kids.