November 3, 2008

Drain Free

I say those words but sing it to the song "Born Free" do you know that song? Here's a blast from the past for ya..

I always loved that song...but I digress...

I got my drains out glad too because it was painful (I yelled really loud in the exam room that another nurse came into help, squeaky wheel gets the grease right?) and there's no telling how much more the skin would have secured itself to the tubing by Thursday...i know it's really gross...sorry, but cancer isn't pleasant....I'm having a hot flash while i write this...those haven't seemed to go away either...::sigh::

one more hurdle down though, onward and upwards! (I added the picture of the turtle for that symbol of perseverance...wish the turtle was facing towards the right though...well, i know I'm moving forward and not backwards.)

... friends are still coming to visit me, each one is an angel, and today a dear friend called first and we decided together that she didn't need to come as I was at the doctors and went to lunch with my i just wanted to rest for the afternoon....what a offer to not come by...if you are reading this and you are a friend of someone recovering from a cancer surgery, sometimes we need a break and also need to sit with our's's even healthy for us to sort through our dad came back later with the kids which was really nice too...

Tomorrow I get to have dd#2 all to myself after school...she is going to sleep over...she's almost 7 and can help me make an easy supper and we are going to work on her turkey that she needs to do for's a tag board image that we have to glue beans/pasta/rice will be nice to do with just her and no one else...she's excited too. :)

So that's the update...radiation is the next big thing and physical therapy....the saga will continue...but just imagine...a year from now it will all be a memory....yae!


  1. I'm so Happy for you! You have been in my prayers! I love your turtle picture! I have a friend who has had cancer and her favorite things are Frogs because they always jump forward never backwards! Have a lovely night!


  2. I'm glad the drains came out!

    Have fun making the turkey tomorrow- I know you will!

  3. Getting the drain out is a big deal :) For me, it really helped with the mobility of my arm (that and physical therapy). So congrats on one more stage of the game finished!

  4. Jodi thats awesome.... its so woderful to be with those we love but your right you need private alone time just see if your okay physically and mentaly in your own skin and its a huge amount of emotion involved and lets face it not many people can stand by a friend while he/she is doing the ugly cry LOL you know the cry we only do in the palms of our hands LOL i pray the hot flashes subside soon!

    I am sending you huge hugs and have fun vibes for your special day tomorrow ...


  5. You lucku ducky you! Your surgery was just 1 day before mine! No fair! I am going on week 3 with my lower tube and still have more than 40 cc's output per day! (Have to be under 30 before they'll remove it.) I'm not complaining though. They had to remove the upper tube (from the lymph node biopsy site) after just one week becasue it clogged, and well, where do you think that fluid goes? Nowhere! It builds and builds until you have a baseball under your arm pit and it has to be excised and owie - zowie - I'll take a drain any day! I know you feel free and I am so happy for you I really am! I'm always so afraid this stupid thing is gonna get caught on soething and pull right out while I'm at home alone or something. Cross your fingers mine will come out Thursday.