November 26, 2008

Pictures speak a thousand words

Hello folks...I've been very busy with my dd#3's birthday, recovery, chasing after a 2 1/2 year old and preparing for Thanksgiving break...that's me in my wig with 2 of the kids at my mom's this post will be mostly with pictures...many thoughts spin in my head...but mostly I've been tired and sore...Physical therapy has started and radiation will start in December...nerve endings fire all the time and my whole area of the incision is so sensitive...i don't even like water to hit fun...but on the positive swelling is down, my range of motion is better and I'm getting better each day...

Ellie got a horse from the American Girl doll company for her birthday...ya' think she's happy?
This picture of em came out so nice...the kids are still in counseling but doing well...Here's a shot of my eyebrows/eye lashes...they are falling out as they grow back...just stubble these days...
I got this package from Anhoki at etsy this week...oh my goodness it blew me away...I was really did brighten my week...Thank you so much!
I needed to say a huge thank you to the etsymom that gave me this necklace over the says "Survivor" on it...I wear it everyday...with embarrassment I have misplaced the shop name....i will keep searching...
Koryn from the Taffybox at etsy gave me this bracelet (it's georgous)...only to find she had to face this diagnosis herself. My prayers are with her and our friendship grows as we now have so much to share.
Crochet hat by
Margo Smith Designs
it looks like hair...but i may wait till i have some more of wear it out :)
Jen Hintz Yarn Knits
Happy at Home Made
So many wonderful family, friends and etsians have shared with me gifts, time and gratitude is just not enough but will have to do.
Blessings to you.
Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Wishing you and yours strength, happiness, and a wonderful holiday season.

  2. Hi Jodi!

    Thanks so much for your messages on my caring bridge site! I'm so glad to have connected with Koryn (over the survivor necklace) and then with you!

    You look GREAT in the photos on your blog as do your kids! How old are your older two? Mine are 9 and 5 and doing well so far with this crazy breast cancer diagnosis.

    I just subscribed to your blog and can't wait to read more!

    Lisa (Lisa Mittleman)