June 14, 2008

Metaphore for my life...Sandtrap!

what good friends i have here in cyberspace...WhimzyPinzy a fellow EtsyMom has posted a comment at my flickr site about this picture. She has shared some wisdom about this picture and insight into my situation and I am grateful.

Hey Whimz...I see the green and I am only a few shots away! Then I'll come into the 19th hole and have a mudslide and a turkey reuben with the awesome fries that Loudon Country Club is famous for!

Now to return the favor...for those of you looking to knit or crochet some hats for cancer patients (hee hee...I'm sure your local hospital will take donated handmade chemo caps!)...or some socks or some afghans... Whimzy has awesome yarns all hand spun and hand dyed...check her out at Etsy.com and on her own website: WhimzyPinzyCreations.com.
Wow and as an adendum...she added a blog post about me...and a socks for cancer pattern...check it out...but don't forget to come on back to visit me again?!


  1. Omg girl now I am crying :):)

    Love ya

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your illness... it's clearly been too long since I last popped in to read your blog. Having recently lost my Grandfather to Cancer, my heart and thoughts are with you at this most troubled of times... I pray for your recovery and wish you and your family many more happier times to come.

    Keep fighting... never let it win.

    Sara xx

  3. WOW Jodi, I think we are connected it some crzy but awesome way!! I was just sitting here yesterday missing you and thinking "what can I crochet for Jodi" but then I thought "there has to be something I can do for other as well"
    I lvoe the picture it's beautiful, as are you!
    Lova ya,

  4. hey Jodi...
    For you mama :)