September 4, 2007

Happy House Quilts is featured at CraftyNation's blog!!!

Wow what a thrill! There is one of my first Coffee Quilts™ standing tall and pretty all funkied up with thread art at the blog! Thanks so much Toni for the feature...and helping spread the word about saving the planet one cup at a time!
What is It's a fabulous new community, web TV, blog, social networking community all in one for crafters!!! Inspire, Empower, CREATE! They have 4 episodes done to date and they are great! I love getting to know other crafty folks! Toni is such an inspiration! So much energy and passion for what she is doing!

So go get a cup of java and try on a quilt, pull up a chair and surf on over to Once you have had the pleasure of drinking your coffee in a quilt you will never want a naked cup again!

Did you know that you will save 4-6 pounds of trash per year per person by reusing a Coffee Quilt™? It's a fashion statement and you are doing your little part to help protect and conserve our resources.
Great for hot or cold beverages and even pretties up a travel mug! Don't drink coffee but do grab soda's on the go? These Coffee Quilts™ will catch the sweat on any cold beverage you might have.


  1. Beautiful Job! I love them! You can put them on glasses or mugs....I think that's neat!

  2. Congrats! I love the black & white on the travel mug!

  3. You rock! That is so cool. Congrats! You have a great product so it's not surprising:)


  4. By the're it!
    go check it out!

  5. I love this pic of the colored quilt withthe b&W photo. I think I may need one to wrap around my Diet coke!