September 1, 2007

Look what I found at Irismishly @

So I forget what first brought me to her shop...maybe a treasury...maybe seeing her beautiful French clips made with polymer clay. I am partial to art Hair Clips! But then browsing I discovered a handmade tool that she was selling to jewlry artists for making holes in clay to turn it into a bead. Well my wheels started turning and I immediately thought this would make a fabulous stilletto for sewing. So after a convoe and sharing ideas and thoughts she has now added the tag to the listing. Well I also adore tools and we exchanged items from our shops and I just received this in the mail!!!

But not only did I receive the stilletto but also this beautiful handcrafted pendant and fish magnet! Beautiful work and I love how she incorporates her logo and name into each piece! Very smart cookie Iris is!!! So what are you waiting for? Do you sew? Do you love notions?? Do you love a pretty handmade item??? The stiletto is a notion that has historical longevity. Needlecrafters have been using them for centuries!

Amazon lists one at over $15 dollars!!! It's not even as pretty as Iris's!

I personally love to use it to poke a hole into felt or leather. I also love to use it to hold the layers of fabric together while they travel under the foot of the sewing machine. Here is a definition from Jan P. Krentz (Quilt Teacher and designer). I am often distracted while sewing and well...accidents happen so quickly. This wonderful tool will protect my tender fingers from a sharp, fast needle! Have I convinced you yet?

Best of all she is an EtsyMom too!

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  1. Dear Jodi, Thank you so much for your post, I'm glad you liked the stilletto tool and the additions, your quilt hair decor is absolutly beautiful and i'm proud to own one of your work!
    continue the good work, I love it!