September 12, 2007

Crafting again at Happy House Quilts

I am a total addict! I now have to make's in my head....made these prototypes --------------->

but will get rickrack and try again...

Also am loving this idea of a greeting card with a gift's a pin/brooch for your purse, jacket, jeans or shirt. It would look sooooooo cute on a backpack or story hour/library book bag too! So many crafts, so little time...back to my Happy House of Quilt inspired goodies!

I am going to attempt to make these into Threadibilities Craft Kits as well... If you like these ideas please let me know...they may not be listed at Etsy as I am preparing for 2 upcoming craft fairs and need to produce much inventory. Blessings, Jodi


  1. Jodi the knitted wool flowers would be amazing pinned to a gift card!

  2. Wonderful work! I just love it! :) Thank you for sharing this with us!