September 18, 2007

WFMW - Simple Sewing Kit by Happy House Quilts

Well how many of us have had a hem fall at work? Or loose a button? Or worse yet...have your blouse open up and pucker on your way to something special?

Have your kids ever gone somewhere with a new outfit on - only to find their pants are falling down because they are a little big and they refused to try them on and you were rushing to get out the door?
Well do you ever carry a sewing kit with you in your purse?

Here's what basics you need...
Felt about 9x4 be folded in thirds
Dental floss with cutter (airplane safe)
plastic fasteners for loaves of bread
needle for sewing
buttonsafety pin

Now mine is a bit fancy (I am passionate about sewing and love to craft), but you can totally keep it simple with just the felt...

Fold the felt into thirds and make one side a pocket by folding it in and sewing up the side and bottom...this will hold your dental floss (check before you sew to make sure it fits) and bobbins. Now the dental floss is great for the cutter but the floss itself can also be used for the thread!!!

Wrap thread around the bread clips for use later. Save and carry multiple colors. I use this for yarn and wool but all purpose sewing thread will work great too! Recycle those things...what else are you going to do with them?
YOu will sew the button on to it might need it some day.

The needle sticks into the top of the pocket to protect the sharp edge.

The safety pin holds it together while not in might need this some day too.
Hope this helps you!? Make one with your kids for camp, college, or road trips! Craft with your kids today!

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  1. awesome idea! Bookmarking this to come back and "play" with it later! Thanks for sharing!!!


  2. This is so cute! and a Great idea too! thanks!

  3. hey hun, your pics are not working...
    But I already KNOW they are marvelous

  4. Very cool idea - lots of fun too!

  5. This is SO CUTE! I think I will make some of these for gifts as well!

    Thanks for sharing your great idea!

  6. What a Great Idea! You are soo clever. I learn so much every time I read your blog.