September 4, 2007

Look what a 5 year old did with a Happy House Quilts Threadibilities Ornament Kit!

Just goes to show you that Creativity can start young with a needle and thread. As long as you are close by to assist with threading the needle and help pull the
thread up tight, from time to time when a loose loop occurs. Success and pride in one's accomplishment can be found!

Children of all ages can accomplish sewing projects, and what fun it will be to make one each year as a family tradition! Purchasing the kit ahead of time with all the shapes precut really helps this project move right along. This particular ornament was completed in one session! Once she got going she couldn't put it down, and how many 5 year olds can sit for more than an hour??? The process of sequential steps kept her attention and motivation in high gear.

Oh the smell (Balsam) of this Threadibilities Ornament Kit by Happy House Quilts fills your senses!

Balsam stands for warm friendship in the language of herbs. This finished project will make a wonderful Holiday decoration, ornament for a tree, air freshener for your car, closet or dresser drawer or when set in a windowsill, will exude their suble smell
throughout the space.

Cedar is also available!!!

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