July 17, 2007

New magazine...is HHQ on the cutting edge?

I got a new magazine/book this weekend. The Best of Stampington & Company HandCrafted, Vol 3. (Wish I could post a picture but it has a registered trademark. No part of the publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher.) I don't always spend this much money but I had a gift certificate and I was going away for the weekend and wanted something to read while lounging around the pool with my friends. It's called Handcrafted...(of course)! I LOVE IT!!! This is a magazine that will be forbidden for the kids to touch...or at least the baby...i will go through it over and over (already have!) as it is so full of inspiration! I got it at my local Michael's Craft Store.

How surprised was I when I turned the page and found an article about clothes pins!!! Could *I* be on the cutting edge with my Quilt Clamps for organization...my cute little magnetized clips, my Fridge Flowers (my girl friends called them that!) that I have embellished and put much thought and care into???? Well there they were, somebody else's creations using the same raw materials, on a 4 page spread starting on page 83 - maybe I'm onto something...I guess nothing is ever truly original...although the idea is the same but the end product is totally different! I love mine...But in another home theirs would look smashing too!

Now imagine the 4 of us...all on lounge chairs with our magazines by the pool...I found it quite interesting that my friends had Fitness, Self, People, InStyle...and I had my wonderful crafty Handcrafted book, chock full of inspiration!!! I had no desire to read theirs and they had no desire to read mine...too funny!

I'm hoping to get some pictures from the weekend...yes...i forgot my camera, darn! We had a blast just reconnecting and bonding with each other...no kids. I love my friends! I always feel so rejuvenated after spending time with them! So much more centered!

They actually did some product development for me too...we are in the process of renaming the Quilt Clamps(TM) to maybe Fridge Flowers(?) or something else...not sure yet...but they don't hold up quilts and the old name is misleading.

The Coffee Quilt(TM) got a new nickname too! Cocktail Quilt! It snugged up so nice on my hostesses glasses as we drank margaritas...and my hand didn't freeze off, nor did anyone think my cup was theirs!!!

Hey do you like the idea of these Quilt Clamps(TM)? A Threadibilities Clamp Kit is in the works!!! Soon you will be able to get them for your child to make and decorate your fridge too! Can't wait? Well then check out the Threadibilities Clip Kit(TM)! Or read more about it here at the blog!


  1. You are the cutting edge! Those magnetic quilts are just too cute :) Bummer about forgetting your camera, I hate it when I do that.

  2. That is way cooooool!! I think you're always on the cutting edge :) Great, Successful minds think alike!!
    Hopefully you'll have pics to share soon...Oooo, camera!!!

  3. Glad to hear you had a good time - I love weekend getaways like that. Nice to go away and I love coming home!

  4. Wonderful work! I love them! *HUGS*

  5. Sounds like a fun weekend with a good read.

    I can also imagine you wearing a quilt on your wrist. They're so pretty.