July 12, 2007

M Original Desgins - Featured Artist of the Week

Weekly Featured Artist is a post that I do weekly at my blog.
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Who are you?
My name is Madeline and first and foremost I am a mom and wife. My beautiful daughter, Piper, is 8 weeks old. My other obsession is sewing. I am an absolute fabric junkie! I buy fabric and then hoard it because it hurts too much to actually cut it!

What is your Etsy Shop Name/link?

What tag categories do you specialize in?
Bags and purses, accessories
Do you create for children or adults, women or men?
Mostly women but I’m thinking about expanding tochildren. I embroidered and dyed the most darlingonesies for my baby girl and I’m thinking of sellingthose as well.

What do you like about Etsy?

The community. I started out selling my stuff in Spa’sand Boutiques and really wanted to sell online. Ebay just wasn’t friendly enough for me. When I stumbledupon Etsy I fell in love. The support they offer isamazing and it feels like a family.

What do you like about creating?
I have to be doing something with my hands. Knittingand sewing started as way for me to “do” something while I watched TV. Now I Netflix every TV show I’ve never seen and watch while I sew. The whir of thesewing machine drives my husband crazy! He alwaysturns the volume up so loud!

What do you love about your business?

The fun of it. If this ever stops being fun I willstop. I will never allow this to be my livelihoodbecause I always want to love sewing. I never want to think of it as a job.

What is your favorite product right now?
Eww. My Fleur Pins. I am obsessed.

What makes you unique at Etsy?
Oh, I don’t know. Lots of girls make headbands and handbags. But I think I have excellent taste. I’m very picky. If I wouldn’t wear it I won’t make it!
What makes you unique as a woman?
My faith. I have absolute faith in my Heavenly Father.

What do you love about Kids?
Right now their smiles. My daughter just started smiling. And I love it!

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  1. such a sweet post! I love this!
    I love that she said she wants to always love sewing and not have it be a "job". I am trying to find the balance.

    I love your idea about asking the customer to take a picture of the item. Very cool!
    You have cool ideas!