August 26, 2008

Chemo Cycle more to go!!!

5 down (well almost still need to go through the side effects for the next few weeks) and one to go!!! Whoo hoo!!!

Nausea has set in bad this time...note to self:brush teeth slowly and be careful when you brush your tongue as it will make you gag. Oh and if I was proud of myself before for not taking any of my anti-nausea meds...I'm equally proud of myself for bringing them with me to work today so that I could take them! Note to self: Don't travel with out meds!

This visit to the infusion room was with Brian again and looky, looky...he brought a drop spindle to play with ...note to self: bring toys! He made it himself and I told him we should put some kits together to sell on etsy for others to make them too...ya right, put it on the to do list...giggle.Ok a little bit of a fashion statement...i had a left over gift card to J. Jill from last christmas and just re-found it while my friend's from college came to visit...I love this has a wrap effect...and will be perfect after the mastectomy...yippee...the infusion room was chilly and the meds going into my arm were exceptionally cold this time too...note to self: always dress in layers when going to chemo. Much fun!!!

So i'm wired on the steriods...oops forgot to take meds...will do that now...hopefully will be able to sleep tonight....Atavan...where are you? TTFN, blessings to all!

P.S. Sneak peek at new design...still working out the kinks...French barrette style...need a model...might use my wig...not sure...leave comments for me! TIA!


  1. I so admire your spirit! Staying positive is so good for your battle and recovery and I'm so happy to see how you are smiling and making friends during the process! (I hate to be corny ...but....You go girl!) Praying for your strength, courage, and complete healing!
    Smiles, Karen

  2. Thank you for your comment. I had nothing to be miserable about ..but was..then I read your blog and felt ashamed of myself. You ae such an inspiration. Love love love.

  3. Jodi-
    I have been quietly reading your blog and praying for you and your family. You are a remarkable woman.
    You have such an uplifting view and set a beautiful example for others to follow.
    God Bless.
    Jill :)

  4. You look great! Yay, one more to go! I am still praying for you! Lots of big hugs!! :)

  5. jodi so beautiful list it in your shop and we will buy one and model it for you my sweet girl would be honored :) huge hugs ALicia