August 31, 2008

I'm afraid to stop...

do you ever feel like if you stop moving you'll just collapse?

That's how I feel lately but I'm so scattered and fragmented....forgetting people's names, and calling them someone else....loosing track of everything in the house and thinking it's Sara but really I'm just not paying attention...

so i packaged up a pink ribbon pin for a customer yesterday...i clearly remember printing out the mailing label...but can't remember if i put it in the mail box and I can't find it anywhere in the house...i wouldn't worry so much but it's for a i sewed up another one last night and want to ship it again on tuesday...that's what my gut tells me to do...but do i contact the buyer and let her know i'm a total loon? or just mail her 2 and hope she get's both of them...???

and if she only gets one then I'll at least be ok with my policies?

I'm gearing up for another emotional moment...i got tearful lying in bed with Emily this morning (she wakes up at the crack of dawn!) She didn't like to see me i pulled myself together again.

My wholesale order is inches away from being shipped! So proud of myself! This batch of clips are going to a boutique in Arizona.

Still need to work on my art quilt...i haven't and the new fall routine is almost here....whew! 2 kid in full time school will be such a relief...for a bit...till the next vacation or school project or all the after school activities rev up.


  1. I would contact your customer and ask if she received one, but I would not automatically send out 2. I think the situation can happen to anyone - then add chemo brain and you do not have to worry about an excuse. It will get better. I wanted to eventually get back to work just to prove to myself that I could actually remember things again!!! You should be proud of yourself - that you are working through all of your treatment.

  2. The whole sale order looks beautiful!

    And give yourself a break on the forgetfulness- I do all the things you mentioned, and I don't have kids or cancer! I think you are doing great, and if you are feeling exhausted- well, it is to be expected. Try to sneak in a nap while the kids are at school.

  3. I found it!!!!! and the uspo will refund me as i send out a new one...yippee!!!

  4. yay, you found it!

    Congratulations on your wholesale order!!! That's awesome!

  5. Jodi, this is awesome! Sounds like just the start of something wonderfully rewarding for you and your customers! Blessings, Kimberly

  6. Jodi,
    I admire your strength and determination. Especially during this difficult time in your life. You are a great mom and create wonderful clips. You inspire me and I know for sure you inspire tons of other women. Blessings and Regards,

  7. yay jodi i am so happy they will refund you and your found it SHEW :) i just did my first two wholesale orders and hands down you have me beat on packaging LOL SO beautiful good job! Huge hugs ALicia