September 11, 2008

EtsyMom Treasury Scarlet, Black and White!

Thanks Wyles Style for putting my Hair Quilt™ is this awesome Scarlet, Black and White treasury (EtsyMom Style)


  1. You are, of course, very welcome! :) Glad you like the treasury! Hopefully we'll be seeing lots more EtsyMom treasuries, soon!

  2. Congrats! I am in this treasury with you!

    I wanted to let you know that I scheduled my first mammogram today. When I turned 35 in August, I became eligible for free mammograms thru my insurance, so I made sure to get myself scheduled right away! I go in two weeks.

  3. That's a gorgeous treasury--congrats on being in it!!
    Smiles, Karen

  4. That's awesome! Congrats!
    I finally couldn’t take it anymore. I knew that my test results were due in today so I called and left a message for my doctor to
    call me. At last after waiting the whole day, he did call and told me that my tumor is a “complex fibroidadenoma” which means
    it needs to be removed and tested further. He said it’s not your just run of the mill fibroidenoma, which are just fibrous and
    glandular tissue abnormalities turned into hard lump, but he said he’d talk to me more Monday at my appointment.
    From what I am reading these things don't become cancerous but I don't know what the word complex means. Do you? Can
    they be worrisome for cancer? Well, so for now I am breathing a sigh of relief! Whew! At any rate, I’m just glad they’ll be
    taking it out. Hopefully they’ll test it and be sure there’s no chance of it becoming anything more and that’ll be the end of
    that. I'll keep ya posted! How are YOU feeling today?