September 15, 2008

Chemo #6 tomorrow...insomnia is back

So one of my best friends, Gina is up...from NY to bring me to chemo tomorrow...never mind the fact that it was Nascar Sylvania 300 race in my town and 100, 000 people swelled our little town's population....She was 10 minutes late and the road to my house was closed and we had to talk her in from another route...oh the drama...

so we hugged and visited...the kids were psyched to see her as she is the Godmother to my dd#2...THEN...we realized what happened...she locked the keys in her car, her overnight bag, her crocheting, her life is in the car...

We have been up trying to get Honda's roadside assistance to come and unlock the door...with NO success...$800 for the's a new car...what the heck????

We will try a local garage in the am...and try to FedEx the key for Tuesday's drive back to NY...but why can't Honda help her?????

chemo is mater if we try to avoid going or's always something! But with's all good...just think, she could be at a mall, alone, in darkness and the mall closing...what then??? So glad she is safe, with me, can borrow or wash her clothes, and I will feed her...yae! God will provide! all!


  1. Oh, NO! Poor Gina. I do hope this all gets worked out in the AM. I hope you two enjoy your time together!

  2. Best of luck with the key situation! You might be able to get a key from the Honda dealer in Concord with the VIN.

  3. So glad your friend came to take you to chemo this time--that is so nice and I'll bet it makes it a LITTLE less hard for you to have her there with you.

    Remember, there are also a few of us blog friends who are there with you too -- you may not be able to see us, but we are there in our spirit and are asking our Father to keep his angels around you the whole time.

    Blessings! Karen

    hope your friend gets her car open--$800! ha! they should be shot! Shame on them.

  4. Thinking about you tomorrow!

    And I hope your friend gets her car keys!

  5. ok, so i'm the friend who locked the keys in the car and took jodi to chemo. awful picture of me driving too i might add, not my good side. well, i am beyond thrilled that being cancer free is around the corner and i will do my best to make my way back to new hampshire again soon. going to see mary j thursday night at radio city music hall in nyc. i will think of you when she sings that song. love you tons my friend!